Canvas is the primary learning management system (LMS) at Iowa State University. It gives you the ability to quickly share course materials and provides easy-to-use tools for communication and collaboration between students, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Are you using Canvas for the first time?

Follow the steps on this Getting Started with Canvas guide to check your browser, access Canvas at Iowa State, and explore Canvas Overview videos or essential guides.

Instructor Resources

Instructor Guide for Canvas

Are you teaching in Canvas? See the Getting Started guide or choose a checklist to see exactly what needs done in your course.

Have a specific question?

Find answers to frequently asked questions in the Instructor FAQ.

Mobile App

Grading via mobile app can often increase productivity through the use of the Canvas Speedgrader markup tools. View the following resources:

Download the Canvas Teacher app: Android | iOS

Online Learner Support

Access a variety of ISU resources, services, and more on the Learner Support page.

Mobile App

Increase your productivity through the use of the Canvas mobile app.

View the following resources:

Download the Canvas Student app: Android | iOS


Technology Support

Get the help you need by contacting the appropriate support for each of the learning technologies.

Find information for each of the learning and teaching apps approved for use at Iowa State University. Each page includes getting started steps for instructors and students, online documentation and support resources.


Canvas Live Sessions

Interested in discovering new ways to use Canvas in your teaching? Or, want to learn best practices? Attend a CanvasLive session led by faculty/staff.

Help Button in Canvas

Need help?

Troubleshooting steps

Having trouble accessing Canvas? Try these troubleshooting steps before contacting Canvas Support.

Contact 24/7 Canvas Support

All 24/7 support options may be found by clicking the ?Help icon (found in the red, left-hand navigation bar in Canvas) to access the support available to you: