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Media Production

CELT’s media production team supports university students and faculty members with accessible course delivery and digital education technology. We oversee the operations of several classrooms across campus specifically designed with technology to record lectures, facilitate collaborative distance learning, and provide an interactive digital education experience. Finally, we can provide professional multimedia content production services to instructors for online courses and media services for various projects beyond academic coursework, including marketing initiatives and grant proposals.

Schedule a CELT Media Classroom

Scheduling priority is given to online/hybrid courses, but there is potential to host a small number of face-to-face-only courses. Use the CELT Media Classroom Request form to request the use of these classrooms for single courses or upload a file with all the courses. Access the full CELT Media Classroom Usage Policy for more details. 

CELT Media Classrooms

CELT oversees the following media classrooms that are already fitted with classroom technology and cameras for automated lecture capture:

CELT Media Classroom Request Form


  • If you have questions about our CELT Media Classrooms or Media Production services, please email celt-help@iastate.edu to open a ServiceNow ticket, and you will receive a confirmation email for easy tracking, which will notify our staff to follow up.
  • For assistance with technology in a general university classroom, please get in touch with the IT Solution Center by emailing solution@iastate.edu or calling 515-294-4000.