CELT Questions or Support

If you have questions or need support (including outside of our appointment hours), please email, describing your questions or issues (with the steps to replicate), and if it is a course-specific issue, include your course title and number. This email will create a ServiceNow ticket for easy tracking and notify our team to follow up with you promptly during our work hours.

Additionally, you may call 515-294-5357 and we will transfer your call to a staff member, or take a message and send it to celt-help.

Scheduling an Appointment

Help is available for instructional support and design, Top Hat, technology, New Quizzes, Canvas, and more by scheduling an appointment with a CELT staff member through our Microsoft Bookings Calendar

Once you book an appointment, they are emailed a meeting invitation with a meeting link. At the time of the meeting, attendees go to the Microsoft Outlook calendar meeting invite and select “Join Meeting.”

Teaching with Technology Learning Community

To receive updates from the Teaching with Technology Learning Community, please share your name and ISU email address.

ISU Supported Learning Technology News & Updates

This is a running list of Learning Technology Updates from CELT. They are listed from newest to oldest.

Please contact if you have any questions.

IT Solution Center

24/7 Canvas Support

All 24/7 support options may be found by clicking the ? Help icon (found on the left-hand navigation bar in Canvas) to access the support available to you: