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CELT Open Labs 

Fall 2022 Open Labs

Fall Open Labs will be available to assist instructors with all things instructional design, technology, New Quizzes, Canvas, and more. 

Fall Open Labs will take place Monday-Friday from 1-2 p.m. via Webex or 3015 Morrill. If you would like to meet outside of these hours, please email to set up an appointment with one of our team members.

The Webex room for the Open Labs can be accessed through this link. 

Request pedagogical support

You may connect with our CELT instructional designers for support or pedagogical consultations by emailing your course title, describing the question or issues you have, and the steps to replicate it to This step will also create a ServiceNow ticket for easy tracking.

Contact IT Solution Center, 24/7 Canvas Support, or a support unit.

You may wish to contact the Solution Center (, 24/7 Canvas support, or a support unit listed below. Please note which program, department, or college each unit serves and contact the unit for your area.

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

Email and our team will forward it to the appropriate staff member.

Use the CELT Staff Directory to contact a CELT staff member directly to schedule a meeting in a safe manner (virtually or face-to-face social-distanced).

Use the essential resources located on the CELT website:


IT Solution Center

  • Leadership: Brent Black
  • Serving: All ISU faculty, staff, and students
  • Services offered: See the Solution Center’s website for more information

24/7 Canvas Support

All 24/7 support options may be found by clicking the ? Help icon (found on the left-hand navigation bar in Canvas) to access the support available to you:


College Support Units

CALS Instructional Design and Development 

  • Leadership: Todd Vens
  • Serving: College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Services offered: Support for all teaching technology and course design
  • To schedule: Contact Todd at

Engineering-LAS Online Learning – ELO 

  • Leadership:
    • Mark Woolley, Director ELO
    • Rema Nilakanta, Director ELO Design and Delivery
  • Serving: ELO supports online courses at the College of Engineering and online and blended courses at LAS.
  • Services offered: Design and Delivery
    • Guide instructors to set up online course (alignment, interface design, accessibility, student engagement, technology training, etc.)
    • Provide information and/or training in recording and/or hosting videos
    • Provide guidance on exam creation and distance student proctoring options
    • Troubleshoot technical issues in the course
    • Train instructors and/or teaching assistants to manage the day-to-day operations of the course.
  • To schedule: Email

College of Human Sciences Online (tech tips)

  • Leadership: Ann Bugler
  • Serving: College of Human Sciences (AESHM, FS HN, HD FS, KIN, SOE, CHS Administration, Families Extension, Clinics and centers in the college)
  • Services offered: Canvas (all aspects); Qualtrics (survey and online form coding); Zoom/WebEx (webinar for live meetings or pre-recording content); Studio/Panopto/Camtasia (pre-recording video/audio/screen capture and posting); Training and helpdesk; Content processing & posting
  • To schedule: Please make appointments. Classes are first priority, others prioritized by need.

Ivy College of Business IT

  • Leadership: Greg Buttery
  • Serving: Ivy College of Business (All Departments and Centers)
  • Services offered: Support for all teaching technology
  • To schedule: Call 515-294-9275

University Library 

College of Veterinary Medicine, Office of Curricular Assessment and Teaching Support 

  • Leadership: Dr. Jared Danielson, Associate Dean
  • Serving: College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Services offered:
    • Canvas (all aspects)
    • Qualtrics (survey and online form coding)
    • Zoom (webinar for live meetings or pre-recording content)
    • Echo360 (pre-recording video/audio/screen capture and posting)
    • E-Value (assessments, preceptorships, rubrics, evaluations, clinical skills)
    • Guidance and best practices for online teaching in Veterinary Medicine
  • To schedule and for questions:

Department Support Units

Agronomy Development Lab

  • Leadership: Kendall Lamkey
  • Serving: Department of Agronomy
  • Services offered: Canvas (course setup, quizzes and assignments, legacy exam conversion, basic course design); Lecture uploading (e.g., PowerPoint, video, etc.); Qualtrics; WebEx/Zoom (live and pre-recorded content)
  • To schedule: Email

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

  • Leadership: Aliye Karabulut Ilgu
  • Serving: Department of CCEE
  • Services offered: Technology support for Camtasia, Lectora, Canvas (Basic course setup, Quizzes and assignments, Basic course design)
  • To schedule: Contact Aliye at

Dietetic Internship

  • Leadership: Ali Kirwen
  • Serving: DI and Master of Professional Practice in Dietetics
  • Services offered: Canvas, Qualtrics, Wordpress, Articulate, Thinkspace, General trouble-shooting and training
  • To schedule: Contact

Language Studies Resource Center 

  • Leadership: Jacob Larsen
  • Serving: Department of World Languages and Cultures
  • Services offered: Technology support for Voicethread, Google Expeditions, Post Reality AR app, and Canvas (Basic course setup, Quizzes and assignments, Basic course design, Course planning such as outcomes, online interactivity, online activities, student engagement, etc.)
  • To schedule: Contact Jacob at / 515-294-1551


  • Leadership: Eliot Winer
  • Serving: All ISU faculty, staff, students (temporarily)
  • Services offered: Zoom, WebEx, screen recording, YouTube, and other teaching technologies
  • To schedule: Contact Paul Easker at