Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies

Skilled and dedicated educators, who are committed to providing their students the best possible learning opportunities, are a cornerstone of Iowa State University. CELT offers a variety of online and face-to-face resources for faculty, staff and graduate students who wish to practice effective teaching strategies and enhance student learning.

CELT’s online resources are organized to help an instructor sequentially work through the teaching process and include: a broad overview of effective educational practices grounded in educational theory to provide context for teaching in higher education; a comparison of different course delivery modes; steps to take in preparing to teach a course; and assessment and evaluation suggestions of both teaching and student learning.

Instructional Strategies is divided into the following areas:

Consider a plethora of issues that impact both the teaching approach and learning activities of a course.

Create learning environments where the social identities and diverse backgrounds of our students may thrive.

Course delivery modes can be defined by the integration of technology, and the amount of synchronous (real-time)

Choose from several teaching strategies to support the diverse learners

Focus on assessment and evaluation in student learning and instructor teaching

Provide a framework for successful teaching and learning.