Scantron Grade Bubble Sheet Forms

How to use Bubble Sheets at ISU

Before you begin

Please review these Information Technology articles:

Questions about Bubble Sheets?

Please contact the ISU Testing and Evaluation Services (TES) at 515-294-1832 or

Preparing your course for a bubble sheet assessment

To use a bubble sheet for an assignment in your course, you must first create a placeholder assignment in your Canvas course.

  1. Navigate to Assignments.
  2. Create an Assignment with “On Paper” as the submission type, then Save and Publish the assignment.

Submitting a request to Test and Evaluation Services (TES)

Then, you must provide instructions to Test and Evaluation Services (TES) in order to connect your assignment to a bubble sheet form.

  1. Navigate to ISU AdminTools.
  2. Choose Grade Bubble Sheet Forms.
  3. Click on Submit New Request.
    Requesting bubble sheets in ISU AdminTools
  4. Fill out form and choose Submit.
  5. You will need to print the form and bring it along with your Bubble Sheets to the Solution Center in 192 Parks Library.
  6. Once processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that grades are ready for review.
  7. Open ISU AdminTools > Grade Bubble Sheet Forms
  8. Identify the correct Assignment and click Finalize Grades
  9. Match students to their appropriate Student Information using the dropdown under ISU ID/Name and click Match Student to Grade.
  10. Confirm the Assignment you wish to post grades to in Canvas and select Post Grades.
  11. Return to Canvas gradebook to confirm upload is successful.