Manage Sections

The Manage Sections tool inside ISU AdminTools provides instructors a way to customize section names and availability dates.


  • Edit section names to be unique to facilitate differentiated assignments and messaging.
  • Alter course access dates for specific sections.

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using the Manage Sections tool with your Canvas course

To rename a section for ease of use or to customize the dates for specific sections of a course:

  1. From within Canvas, navigate to ISU AdminTools and choose Manage Sections.
  2. Change the Section Title.
    Note: If sections have the same name, you must change the name of one, check Canvas to see which you altered, then return to this tool to make any necessary corrections.
  3. Enter the custom Section Dates for this section.
  4. You must check the box to Override Term/Course Participation Dates. This override will not be visible on the course settings page and you must return to this tool to make any changes.

Manage Sections using ISU AdminTools