Additional Course Settings (Canvas)​

Additional Course Settings (Canvas)​

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ISU AdminTools provides a few additional general settings and tools that allow an instructor to further customize or better understand his or her Canvas course on the Additional Course Settings page. 

To reach this page, navigate to ISU AdminTools inside your Canvas course and choose Additional Course Settings.

Gradebook Columns

ISU-specific additional Gradebook columns are visible to all members of a course with access to the teacher-view gradebook (generally, teachers, co-teachers, and TAs).  Changing visibility of columns will hide or show them for all others who can see them.

To toggle visibility of gradebook columns in the gradebook, click the toggle switch next to each column name.  Click the red OFF toggle switch to show the column in the gradebook, and the green ON toggle switch to hide the column in the gradebook.  A green toggle switch that reads ON is visible in the gradebook, while a red toggle switch that reads OFF is hidden in the gradebook. 

The columns that can be shown or hidden include the following:

  • Section
  • Major
  • College
  • Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, etc)
  • ISU ID
  • Net-ID
  • Groups (if used in your course)
  • Notes

Publish/unpublish the course

Courses which do not have student submission data may be unpublished using the Course Visibility toggle. Click the red NO toggle switch to publish the course, and the green YES toggle switch to revert it to unpublished.  A green toggle switch that reads YES is a published course.  

Course Visibility Timeline

The course visibility timeline provides an easy-to-understand timeline that explains whether or not the course is visible or hidden to students before, between, and after key dates specified by the term or the course dates.  

On the timeline, a period of time in which the course is hidden will be denoted with a red line.  A period of time in which the course is visible will be denoted with a green line.   Key dates will be visible on the timeline, as well.

Restricting/Loosening Visibility Permissions

To restrict viewing permissions to students before the course start date:

  1. Navigate to the Course Settings page
  2. Check “Restrict students from viewing this course before start date
  3. Save the course settings.

Likewise, to restrict viewing permissions to students after the course end date:

  1. Navigate to the Course Settings page
  2. Check “Restrict students from viewing this course after end date
  3. Save the course settings.

Unpublished courses will be hidden to students at all times. To publish or unpublish your course, you must visit the Prepare to Teach page. However, courses that are published cannot be unpublished after students have started receiving grades; as such, the two aforementioned checkboxes may be necessary for you to achieve the proper course visibility settings for your students.  

Modifying Course Dates

The dates specified in the timeline may or may not be the desired the course dates.  To change the course dates, you must do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Course Settings page.
  2. Check the “Students can only participate in this course between these dates” checkbox.
  3. Optionally, specify a start and end date of the course.
  4. Save the course settings.

Checking the checkbox is necessary in order to override the term dates specified by the university.  

Note that section dates, which may be modified through the ISU AdminTools Manage Sections page, may optionally override course visibility dates.  These section dates are not shown in the timeline.  Likewise, access dates specified for incomplete students through the ISU AdminTools Manage Incomplete Students page also will not be shown in the course visibility timeline.

Extra Options

Simple miscellaneous settings for customizing your course will appear in this section.  Currently, you may toggle the following on or off:

  • Allow student collaboration across sections
  • Auto-conclude the course at the end of term

Student Collaboration Across Sections

Toggling this field to a green YES will allow students in your course to collaborate within groups across sections.  Note that this switch also allows other roles inside the course to see users in other sections, including TAs, Designers, Teachers, and Co-Teachers.

Note:  If your course is concluded, you must first unconclude your course before changing this setting.  To do this, you must update the course dates to a current time period as specified under the Course Visibility => Modifying Course Dates subsection.

Auto-conclude the course

Beginning in Fall 2020, by default a course will conclude and become read-only at the end of the term. Students and instructors can always access their read-only, concluded courses by viewing their Course list in the Courses tab in the Global Navigation Menu. Toggling this field to a red NO will allow students to continue to interact with your course materials, according to your specified visibility permissions and course dates.

For more helpful information on building your course in Canvas, see the CELT Build Your Course page.