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Reveal content matches in student writing. Help students take ownership of their work and practice proper citation. Students see source matches and instructor feedback directly on their work, or in a conveniently formatted downloadable report. Reach your students with voice and text comments on specific phrases or entire assignments. Save time with custom or pre-defined drag-and-drop sets of customizable comments. Grade objectively and consistently with standards-aligned rubrics and show students how specific parts of their work affect their grade. Automatically distribute work and collect student feedback anonymously.


Turnitin originality is a tool for detecting plagiarism and helping instructors steer students towards the practice of ethical writing. Integrated with ISU’s Learning Management system, Turnitin Originality offers the following benefits:

  • Checks for potential plagiarism and writing matches against a large content database.
  • Generates a Similarity Report as a summary of matching or highly similar text found in an assignment submission.
  • Compares an assignment to prior student work.
  • Reports results within assignment contexts.
  • Provides clear and actionable data points for every submission.
  • Helps instructors identify text manipulations meant to bypass integrity checks.

Turnitin News

AI writing detection disabled

Turnitin’s AI writing detection tool has been disabled upon request to allow additional testing and verification. Please get in touch with celt-help@iastate.edu with questions about Turnitin.

Achieving Academic Integrity

Academic integrity and responsible behavior are a part of the learning and teaching conversations, no matter the course modality.Explore the following approaches and methods which emphasize prevention and education on the Achieving Academic Integrity page.

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using TurnItIn with your Canvas course

To begin using the Turnitin benefits, instructors must first set up a Turnitin assignment in their Canvas course. Follow the steps outlined in the Creating an Assignment instructions on the Turnitin website. ISU’s instance of the tool is called Turnitin Originality.


  • If you set up your Turnitin assignment prior to August 16, 2021, you must reconfigure assignment settings to Turnitin Originality. Navigate to the assignment in your Canvas course and click the Edit button. Next, follow the steps outlined in the Creating an Assignment instructions on the Turnitin website. ISU’s instance of the tool is called Turnitin Originality.
  • Once your Turnitin assignments are set to use the Turnitin Originality framework, they can be duplicated or imported into new Canvas courses and should preserve the Turnitin Originality settings.

Useful Turnitin Instructor Resources

Using the AI writing detection capabilities

Note: Iowa State University does not endorse the use of these capabilities at this time and encourages instructors to reach out to Turnitin’s support with any questions you might have around these capabilities.

For more information, see the resources below.

Syllabus Statement

Add the statement below to the required technologies section of your syllabus.

This course will use Turnitin to evaluate designated written assignments. Visit the Turnitin learning tool guide to view the terms of service, privacy policy, accessibility statement, and steps for getting started with Turnitin.

Student Resources

Using TurnItIn with your Canvas course

Assignments that require submitting to Turnitin follow the same Canvas upload process as all other Canvas assignments. See the Submitting to an assignment guide on the Turnitin website. First assignment submission to Turnitin requires that students agree to the Turnitin user terms.

Using TurnItIn on your own

Turnitin Draft Coach is a stand-alone tool that integrates with GoogleDocs to help students work on a draft of an assignment and practice ethical writing.

Students can effortlessly run a report to check their Docs for similarity against our vast database. Any matches are individually highlighted and can be reviewed in the easy to navigate side panel. Consult the Turnitin guide on how to use the Turnitin Draft Coach.


  1. Turnitin Support website
  2. ISU Solution Center: solution@iastate.edu / 515-294-4000