Gradebook Interface

Gradebook Interface

The new gradebook features a slick interface, better accessibility, robust data organization and filtering, and helpful grade management options. To navigate to the gradebook in your Canvas course shell, click on Grades in the course-specific menu. You will see a gradebook spreadsheet that contains student names and data, including grades.

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Gradebook Interface

The new interface is clean and easy on the eyes.

  1. It uses crosshairs and highlighting for improved orientation.
  2. Each row is marked by an alternating color to help with navigation.
  3. Color-codes, if used, indicate the grading status (late, missing, resubmitted, excused, dropped or none) of an assignment submission.
  4. The Search function allows to search for individual students.
  5. Columns associated with unpublished assignments are clearly labelled and can be shown or hidden in the new gradebook. Select View=>Columns=>Unpublished Assignments to show or hide such columns.Unpublished assignments are not visible to students, and columns associated with unpublished assignments do not appear in the student Grades view.   
The new gradebook interface in Canvas

Better Accessibility

You can use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate the new gradebook. the Escape key before using the shortcuts. For a list of shortcuts, click the keyboard icon Accessibility icon in Canvas gradebook.

ISU-Specific columns (Show or Hide)

The ISU AdminTools in your course-specific menu allows to display student information in the gradebook’s columns. Select Additional Course Settings upon authorizing your ISU AdminTools to enable the display of the following columns in your gradebook:

  • Section
  • Major
  • College
  • Classification
  • ISU ID
  • Net ID
  • Student Groups (you must create the group sets inside your course shell before you can add the group column to your gradebook; a column is created for each group set)

To show/hide these columns:

  1. Navigate to ISU AdminTools.
  2. Choose Show/Hide Gradebook Columns.
  3. Next to each column name you will see a toggle Switch.  Click the Off toggle switch, it will change to On and your gradebook will now include the column.
Gradebook toggles

Column organization

The new gradebook allows to control the order of your grade columns:

  • Place the Total column anywhere in the gradebook. Click on the three dots next to the column’s title, drag and drop the column to re-position. You can re-order any column in this way.
  • Arrange the columns using criteria in the Arrange By option in the View menu that appears in the upper left-hand corner of your gradebook. Your columns can by arranged alphabetically in an ascending or descending order, by lowest and highest score, by oldest and  newest assignment due date and by module placement.
  • Change the width of each column by placing your cursor over the border line, holding and dragging the line until the column is re-sized
Organize columns by specific criterion

Data Filtering

There are several ways in which you can filter student data in the new gradebook:

  1. Filter columns by Assignment Groups, Modules and Sections by selecting the Filter option from the View menu.
  2. Filter further by using the drop-down menus that appear after you set the filtering preferences.
  3. Inside each column, sort by ascending and descending grades and by the grading status (late, missing, resubmitted, excused, dropped or none). Click on the three dots next to the column title to sort by any of these criteria.
Data filtering in the gradebook

Grade Management

The new gradebook offers options to manage grades:

  • Assign a grading status and thus color-code assignment submissions. Navigate to View=>Statuses. You can change color codes for late, missing, re-submitted, dropped and excused submissions by clicking on the three dots next to each status. Colored grading statuses allow you to quickly judge assignment submission progress across the course.
  • Use the Grade Detail TrayTray in the gradebook  when you click on the arrow inside any cell. The Grade Detail Tray allows to enter or edit grades, change the grading status of a submission and leave comments for a student.
  • Create policies for late submissions by clicking on the wheel wheel in gradebook in the upper-right hand corner of the gradebook. You can automatically assign zero points for missing submissions and apply deductions for late submissions. Once enabled, late policies apply across all assignments inside a Canvas course shell.

Need help?

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