New Quizzes (Canvas)

New Quizzes (Canvas)


New Quizzes is a Canvas LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) assessment engine that includes feature enhancements, new item types, and workflow improvements over Canvas’ current assessment tool, Canvas Quizzes.

An LTI is an education technology separate from the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, that is used in conjunction to host course content. User data is transferred between the LMS to the LTI, including student information and grade passback.

Because New Quizzes is an LTI, it is a separate application from Canvas. As a result, you will notice some differences in the New Quizzes user experience.


Currently, Iowa State University is mid-transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. Several stakeholders responsible for assisting faculty with course preparation have been identified to lead this transition and are participating in New Quizzes testing and training. In addition, ~30 pilot courses have been identified to participate in a Spring 2022 trial. In March of 2022, New Quizzes will be activated across campus and all instructors will have the opportunity to begin developing and designing assessments with New Quizzes.


New Quizzes includes several features that are not available within Classic quizzes:

  • New question types include Categorization, Stimulus, Ordering, and Hot Spot.
  • Opportunity to require a waiting period between multiple attempts.
  • Provide an extended time accommodation for a student across all quiz attempts.
  • Provide different point values by answer choice for multiple choice type questions.
  • Item Banks (Question Banks) are associated with your account and are available from any Canvas course you teach. You may also share them with others.
  • Additional analysis and data points for individual assessment.
  • Print an assessment with or without the answer key and with adjusted text size.


Instructor Resources

Updates coming March 2022 with release of New Quizzes to full campus.

Student Resources

Students can review this video, made by Canvas, to see what to expect as student users of New Quizzes.

New Quizzes in Canvas

Your instructor is piloting a new assessment tool in Canvas called New Quizzes. You will access assessments delivered via New Quizzes in the same manner as you access assessments in other Canvas courses.

  • Within a module
  • From your Canvas dashboard
  • Within the Quizzes navigation option
  • Within the Assignments navigation option

You can identify whether an assessment uses Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes by checking the rocket icon associated with Quizzes in Canvas. If the rocket icon is an outline, it is a Classic Quiz. A filled-in rocket icon indicates a New Quiz.

Outline of a rocket that says classic quiz and a filled in rocket that says new quizzes

Taking a New Quiz in Canvas

Click the assessment title to view details and take the assessment.

Quiz Details Page

  1. Time Limit
  2. Due Date and time remaining to complete
  3. Number of allowed attempts and your attempt history
  4. Any instructions provided by your instructor including links to attached resources.
  5. Blue button with white text that reads take the quizTake the Quiz: Click to begin the quiz
  6. Blue button with white text that says resumeResume: To re-enter a quiz you started that has not yet been submitted

Navigating Quiz Questions

  • Using the Quiz Navigation Sidebar and its Icons
    A right-pointing arrow that meets a horizontal line at its pointQuestion Navigator: Preview and navigate to any question in the assessment.
    icon of a pushpin in blackIf you’ve pinned questions to mark for review, the question numbers will be listed in the left sidebar when you expand the question navigator.
    Icon of a piece of paper with a black rectangle at the top of the pageReturn to assessment title.
    Icon of a piece of paper with black lines on itReturn to assessment instructions.
    The numbers 1 2 and 3 stacked on top of one another Navigate to question number in quizzes where this feature is allowed
  • Additional Quiz Options and Icons
    icon of a pushpin in blackPin: mark a question to review
    Timer countdown showing the time remaining in an assessment as it would show in Canvas Count-down timer of time remaining to complete assessment (If the quiz is not timed, this will provide time elapsed since the assessment was started).
    Timer icon with a left pointing arrow outlined in red showing how to collapse the timerArrow to hide the timer
    Calculator: The instructor has enabled a calculator for use on this question.
    Calculator: The instructor has enabled a calculator for use on the assessment.

Question Types

Canvas provides more information about how to answer each type of question available in New Quizzes.

Accessing Results, Notifications

Canvas also provides more information about accessing quiz results and feedback in New Quizzes.

Warning Notifications

  1. Due Date Warning: If the quiz has a set due date, a popup banner with a report (at 30 minutes prior, 5 minutes prior, and 1 minute prior) of how many minutes remain before the quiz will be marked late appears.
  2. Time Restriction Warning: If you start a quiz near the time it is due and will not receive the full amount of time to take the quiz, you will see a warning popup banner. The quiz will auto-submit at the due date and time. Due Date Warnings (see above) will also appear.
  3. Logout Warning: If you get logged out of Canvas while taking a quiz, you will receive a warning pop-up banner and may resume your quiz by logging back into Canvas.
  4. Auto-Submit Warning: If you do not submit a timed quiz before the due date and time, you will receive a pop-up that time has expired. The quiz will automatically submit after a 10-second countdown, or you may click Ok, Fine, or Close to submit.


Online Documentation



  • Instructor tutorial video: New Quizzes Overview
  • Canvas’ Training Services Portal course
    • Via the Canvas Global Menu select ?Help .
    • Click Training Services Portal and authorize to login.
    • Search New Quizzes and select New Quizzes Training for Higher Education

User Guides


Legal Information


To be announced at a later date


Currently, pilot students, faculty, and staff members have access to Canvas and New Quizzes. In March 2022, New Quizzes will be implemented campus-wide and will be available at no charge.


The Canvas Calendar and Scheduler tools are supported by Instructure. Use one of the following channels to connect with their 24/7 support:

  • live chat — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click ‘Chat with Canvas Support’
  • ticket support — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click ‘Report a Problem
  • campus support —