Grade Submission in Canvas

Grade Submission in Canvas

Grade Submission in Canvas

Before you begin…

Review Key Concepts for Grading in Canvas. 

Use ISU AdminTools to submit your grades

The Submit Grades tool is used transfer the midterm and final grades from the Canvas Gradebook to the Office of the Registrar. It was developed specifically for use at ISU, based on current policies, procedures, and technology and will guide you through the submission process as you:

  1. Choose which type of grades to submit (Midterm or Final)
  2. Choose Section(s) to submit.
  3. Choose Assignments to be included in the calculation. When submitting Midterms, this is an opportunity to choose only those assignments that should count up to this point.
  4. Check Gradebook for potential errors in grade calculation. The tips given provide the best grading experience for instructors and students.
  5. Verify Grades. When necessary, make the selections for the following:
    1. F grades (final grades only) select from Stopped Attending, Never Attended, or Earned
    2. Incomplete (I) select from blank (no report), Military, or Academic Misconduct or Dishonesty (see Incomplete Marks: ISU Catalog)

Once you submit the grades, you will be taken to a Confirmation page which holds all information regarding the submission, including the time submitted and who submitted it and an email will be sent to all Teachers in the section(s) that the grades were successfully submitted.

A step-by-step guide can be found in the Instructor Resources section of the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades technology page.

Need assistance?

  1. For help with the Gradebook, contact Canvas 24/7 Support via the ?Help menu in Canvas:
    1. live chat with Canvas Support
    2. ticket support — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click Report a Problem
    3. phone support — 515-294-4000, then follow the prompts for Canvas support
  2. For help with the Submit Grades tool, contact the ISU Solution Center:
    1. Email
    2. Call 515-294-4000 and follow the prompts to receive support from Solution Center staff
  3. For pedagogical assistance, contact the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), via phone 515-294-5357 or email Or contact the unit for your area.