Include and engage everyone in your meetings through an interactive app with live polls, Q&A, quizzes, and word clouds. Use Slido with Webex, PowerPoint, Canvas, or a website to capture participant views and make them feel connected. 

  • Collect all participants’ perspectives, whether in person or online. 
  • Export questions and voting results for further analysis. 
  • Allow your audience to ask questions and upvote the questions they like, bringing the most important topics to light. 

 Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Create a Slido

  1. Login to your sharing platform (Webex, PowerPoint, Teams, Google Slides) or visit the slido webpage.
  2. When prompted to login click Log in with Webex.
  3. Login through SSO with your ISU credentials.
  4. In the upper right corner click the green + New Slido button and choose From Scratch.
  5. Add an Event name and Start date.
  6. Click Schedule Slido.
  7. Create content.

Using Slido Integrated in Webex

  1. Update your Webex meetings app to the latest version (41.6 or later) and ask attendees to do the same.
  2. Schedule a Webex meeting and/or start a Webex meeting
  3. Click Apps in the bottom right corner
  4. Select Slido
  5. Select an existing Slido from the list or click the green Create a new One
  6. If you wish to hide results until all activity has ceased, ensure that the Show Results button is crossed out.
  7. When you are ready to activate a poll or activity click on the Play button to enable. This is the slido play button. Black background, green circle, and the white sideways triangle denoting play is in white.

Integrate Slido in PowerPoint

  1. Access the Slido Download for Windows webpage
  2. Click Download for Windows
  3. Install the download to your computer
  4. Open the PowerPoint presentation
  5. A Slido button will appear in your toolbar
    This shows where you can find the slido play button in your toolbar. The green play button is in the upper right hand corner and is circled in black.
  6. Click the Slido tool button
  7. A bar will open on the right side of the PowerPoint screen
  8. Click Log In
  9. Choose Log in with Webex
  10. Login via your ISU credentials
  11. Select an existing Slido from the list or click the green Create a new One button
  12. You may also add Audience Q&A. This will allow participants to propose and upvote questions that you may address later in the presentation.
  13. Share your presentation.
  14. Slido activities, in presentation mode, will include a QR code as well as an access code that participants may use to login and interact with the activity.

Using Slido in Teams

The current integration is a work in progress. You may utilize Slido by accessing it via the Slido website and sharing your screen with participants.

Embed Slido in Canvas

  1. Login to the Slido website to create and/or access your Slido event.
  2. Select the appropriate Slido event.
  3. Determine whether to embed the entire event and all associated activities or a single poll/activity.
    1. To add an entire Slido event
      1. Select Settings in the upper right corner.
      2. Click Integrations from the Event settings menu on the left.
      3. Select Embed Slido.
      4. Click Copy embed code.
    2. To add a single poll/activity
      1. Click the three-dot menu to the right of the appropriate activity.
      2. Select Share.
      3. Click to copy the embed code.
  4. Add the embed code to Canvas.
    1. You may embed the Slido activities anywhere the Rich Content Editor (RCE) is available (discussion boards, assignments, pages, quizzes, etc.).
      1. Select the Embed icon in the RCE toolbar.
        This is the embed toolbar for Slido and shows the different options.
      2. Right-click in the textbox and select Paste.
      3. Choose Submit.
      4. The Slido event or activity will appear in the RCE.
        1. Note: If you embed the entire event, each poll/activity will appear individually as they are activated.

Student Resources

Slido in Webex

  1. When an instructor opens a Slido poll/activity in Webex, and you are logged in through the desktop or web application, the interactive poll/activity will open to the right.

Slido in PowerPoint

  1. When your instructor utilizes Slido in a PowerPoint presentation, the slide will include a QR code and a website address you may access from your personal device.
  2. From the Slido website enter the code provided on the PowerPoint slide in the Joining as a participant? bar.


Iowa State University has a university-wide license, and there is no additional cost to use Slido. 


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