Procedures set for using recording classrooms

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching’s (CELT) media production team has a new website that provides faculty information about recording classrooms, available services, and how to request a room. Iowa State has five media recording classrooms, two in Curtiss Hall and three in Howe Hall, scheduled by media production staff. In addition to these classrooms, a few general university classrooms are equipped to record if there is demand. According to the CELT media classroom usage policy, there are three (3) one-month windows for submitting requests:

  • Fall term: April 1-May 1
  • Spring term: Sept. 1-Oct. 1
  • Summer session: Feb. 1-March 1

Media production manager Andrew Sevcik said the windows provide time for his staff to schedule classes in the rooms and for CELT to communicate with the room scheduling team. Production staff will take requests outside of the windows when needed. For additional information, visit the media production website or email

(Announcement first published in the March 30, 2023 edition of Inside Iowa State)

Feature Options in Canvas

Canvas frequently publishes updates as part of its release cycle. New Canvas updates are posted on the CELT website. If approved, Feature Options may be enabled at the account or course level in our Canvas instance. More information about the Canvas Updates Approval Process is also on the CELT website.

Each instructor can configure several Feature Options at the course level, so the instructor can choose whether to enable or disable the feature in their course. To learn more about enabling or disabling a Feature Option in a Canvas course (the image below is an example of the Feature Options), see the Canvas guide to managing new features for a course or follow the Preparing Your Canvas Course guide.

How to select Feature Options in Canvas course settings

For additional information or the status of a feature, please email us at

New Canvas Integrations: MS Teams Classes, Pressbooks, and more

There are now several new Learning Technology Integrations (LTIs) installed and available to Iowa State University instructors to consider: Logos of Microsoft teams, Pressbooks, Oxford University Press, Visible Body, and Stukent Mimic Social arranged in a group.

  1. Microsoft Teams classes
  2. Pressbooks
  3. Visible Body
  4. Oxford University Press
  5. Stukent Mimic Social 

Microsoft Teams classes can be used to help you and students navigate easily between Canvas and Teams. Users can access their class Teams associated with their Canvas course directly from within Canvas. Once set up in Canvas, student rosters will automatically populate in Microsoft Teams.

The Pressbooks software enables instructors to design and format books. More information can be found on the Parks Library website. The Canvas integration allows instructors to easily add their Pressbook content to Canvas and any results from learner activity will be passed back to the Canvas Gradebook.

Oxford University Press is a publisher application, allowing for better content integration with their textbooks.

Currently, Visible Body and Stukent Mimic Social are course-specific LTIs that add interactive simulations to the learning process.

If you need or would like help with any of these LTIs or other learning technologies, email Doing this will create a ServiceNow ticket and one of our team members will be able to help you. Keep an eye on our website and our Instructional Tools page for more information and guides for each of these LTIs in the coming weeks.

Newly added apps (LTIs) now available in Canvas

Logos for H5P, Great River Learning, MyBusinessCourse, ALEKS, and MyEducator arranged randomly in a clusterOver the Winter break, five new LTIs were installed and are available to the campus community. Those five LTIs are:

  • MyBusinessCourse
  • MyEducator
  • GreatRiverLearning
  • H5P

ALEKS (for business), MyBusinessCourse, MyEducator, and GreatRiverLearning are publisher applications now available and best used for better content integration.

H5p is an interactive content application, providing a variety of engaging question types that can be added to Canvas. Each instructor license for H5P is $190/year and can be used in an unlimited number of courses. If you would like to integrate H5P into your Canvas course, email to request a license.

If you need help with any of these LTIs or other learning technologies, email Doing this will create a ServiceNow ticket and one of our team members will be able to help you. Keep an eye on our website and our Instructional Tools page for more information and guides for each of these LTIs in the coming weeks.

Release and Deploy Updates – November 2021 (Canvas)

This update will contain all Canvas release and deploy notes for November 2021.

Completed Changes

The November 10, 2021 Canvas update included interface updates and changes to the outcomes page. Specifically,

  • Interface updates: For courses with profiles enabled, clicking the profile picture will no longer automatically flag it as inappropriate content.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes can now be added directly to a group.

Upcoming Changes

The November 20, 2021 Canvas release contains information pertaining to Assignments, Dashboard, Settings, and SpeedGrader. Specifically, the following are included in the 11/20 release:

  • Assignments – Submission Feedback Indicator: Students can now see an indicator on the Submission Details page when new comments have been added.
  • Settings – Settings Tabs: Easily navigate between the different tabs with direct links or return to the previously visited tab with the back button.
  • SpeedGrader – Assignment Text Entry Word Count: Instructors can now view the word count of a student’s text-entry submission within the SpeedGrader.

The November 24, 2021 Canvas deploy was postponed to December 1, 2021. More information about this deploy and its contents will be in the December Canvas summary.