Echo 360

Echo 360


Echo360 combines video management with lecture capture and active learning to increase student success. The system enables faculty to record audio, course visuals, and optional video for students to review in digital format. 


  • Recording and streaming
  • Video Management 
  • Analytics 
  • Embedded polling and interactive media

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using Echo360 videos in your Canvas course (Instructor)

To add YouTube videos to your course, follow the steps in these guides:

To work with YouTube videos in Canvas, follow the steps in these guides:

Student Resources

Using Echo360 videos in your Canvas course

YouTube videos can be embedded in anything that uses the Rich Content Editor. Follow this guide to learn how to embed a YouTube video in discussion replies, wiki pages, assignment submissions, and more:


View these Echo360 professional development webinars via the Webinars – Echo 360 page (60 minutes each):

  • The Choice of Teaching Modality After Covid-19
  • Getting Back to Regular – Use of Echo360 for Online Teaching in the New Normal
  • How to Use Interactivity to Optimize Student Engagement



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