Deploy & Release – Gradebook: Message Observers – Canvas (June 8 & 18, 2022)

The June 8, 2022 Canvas deploy includes interface and feature updates associated with the Rich Content Editor and Syllabus areas.


  • Rich Content Editor: Vector Button in Equation Editor: This change allows instructors and students to include vector arrows with a button when creating an equation in the Rich Content Editor Equation Editor.
  • Syllabus: Icon Display in Syllabus Update: In the Syllabus, users can view updated icons for assignments, discussions, and quizzes in the Course Summary.


  • Rich Content Editor Icon Maker: Single Color Image Color Picker Update: In Rich Content Editor Icon Maker, instructors can edit the color of a single color image on a button after saving with the Single Color Image Color Picker.

The June 18, 2022 Canvas release includes a new feature associated with the Gradebook.

Gradebook: Message Observers of Students Who will allow instructors to include observers when sending messages from the Message Students Who link in Gradebook.

Image shows what the screen in Canvas looks like when using the new Gradebook: Message Observers of Students Who feature in Canvas.

In the Gradebook, find the assignment. Click Options. Then select Message Students Who. By default, Canvas will show names from the Haven’t submitted yet category.

In the For Students Who drop-down menu (see 1 in the photo below), select the category of students you want to message. Based on real-time data, Canvas will show the names of the observers who fall in the category you selected (number 2 in the photo below). You can also remove observers from the message by clicking the Select icon (number 3 in the photo).

Photo shows the different areas of how to include or remove observers when messaging students who in Canvas.

The full June 18, 2022 Canvas Release message is available online if you would like to read the full memo.