Follow-up: Tips, tricks & opportunities for grading in Canvas (ISU Online Learning Community)

Below please see the notes from the ISU OLC meeting on grading in Canvas which took place on Friday, March 12:

Grading in Canvas

Drs. Amani Elobeid (Economics) and Cristina Bonaccorsi (Chemistry) shared their tips on grading in Canvas:

Stay on top of your grading:

Know how Canvas calculates student grades:

Grade Submission via ISU Admin Tools in Canvas

CELT and ITS collaborated to bring very useful changes to the midterm submission process via ISU AdminTools inside your Canvas courses. Please review the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades resource on the CELT website.

Canvas Updates

  • Spring 2021 midterms are due Mar. 19 by 2:15 p.m.
  • Math questions in quizzes: math formulas are now rounded correctly.
  • Numerical questions with precise answers in quizzes: no more autogenerated decimal places in precision answers.
  • New Quizzes: CELT continues monitoring this new feature before it is implemented in ISU’s Canvas instance.
  • For more updates, please check out the CELT Instructional Tools News and Updates page on the CELT website.

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Technology Updates (December 2, 2020): Canvas, ISU AdminTools, Webex, Turnitin, Panopto, Piazza, FERPA

As we have in the past, the Learning Technologies Team will be doing system and vendor updates in between Fall Term and Winter Session to minimize impact during instruction.  The following updates will occur on Wednesday, December 2, 2020: 


The New Rich Content Editor (RCE) will be enabled in all courses. This introduces Autosave functionality and one-click access to Canvas Studio and CyBox directly on the toolbar. 

ISU AdminTools 

The existing course conclusion process will be updated to reduce clutter on the Courses interface, Dashboard, Calendar and Inbox while making it easier for instructors and support staff to copy past courses forward and manage incomplete students. All courses prior to Fall 2020 will be un-concluded and the enrollments within the course will remain concluded. This will not affect student access. Students will retain the same ready-only access in the course unless the instructor altered course settings. Moving forward, this new conclusion process will occur once each semester, approximately 3 weeks after grade submission. 


Webex Trainings can no longer be scheduled from within Canvas. Breakout sessions, polling, and other features have been added to Webex Meetings for greater functionality. See the announcement from September 15. Trainings can still be scheduled through the Webex web portal. 


Turnitin will see the addition of Originality and Draft Coach within Canvas.  See the Turnitin Guide for more information on using Turnitin or Achieving Academic Integrity in Canvas.  


The Panopto update resolves issues instructors have reported regarding being unable to access and re-use videos from previous courses. 


This will be the last month that the vendor will offer the Piazza tool for free.  Instructors using this tool for Spring 2021 can contact for more information regarding the anticipated fee of $379 per instructor per semester. Watch the Piazza teaching and learning page for more updates. 

FERPA Enforcement 

A reminder that instructors must have a valid FERPA certification to maintain access to Canvas beyond December 31, 2020. Check the status of your training or renew your certification by searching for “Understanding FERPA” inside Learn@ISU. 

January 8, 2021
FERPA Enforcement in Canvas has been delayed at this time.

Global Course Administration: Winter Session 2021 Now Available

Implementation Date: November 17, 2020.

Instructors teaching in the winter session can now create Winter Session 2021 Canvas courses using the Prepare to Teach tool.

Follow the steps in the Start of Semester Checklist for Canvas, choosing the Winter Session 2021 term.

Instructors, if you…

  • Previously started developing a winter session course using Spring 2021, you will need to import the course content into a Winter Session course shell in order to properly connect to Registrar sections.
  • Created your course for Winter Session 2021 using the Request a New Course Shell option, you can now associate it with the Registrar section using Prepare to Teach.