Follow-up: Tips, tricks & opportunities for grading in Canvas (ISU Online Learning Community)

Below please see the notes from the ISU OLC meeting on grading in Canvas which took place on Friday, March 12:

Grading in Canvas

Drs. Amani Elobeid (Economics) and Cristina Bonaccorsi (Chemistry) shared their tips on grading in Canvas:

Stay on top of your grading:

Know how Canvas calculates student grades:

Grade Submission via ISU Admin Tools in Canvas

CELT and ITS collaborated to bring very useful changes to the midterm submission process via ISU AdminTools inside your Canvas courses. Please review the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades resource on the CELT website.

Canvas Updates

  • Spring 2021 midterms are due Mar. 19 by 2:15 p.m.
  • Math questions in quizzes: math formulas are now rounded correctly.
  • Numerical questions with precise answers in quizzes: no more autogenerated decimal places in precision answers.
  • New Quizzes: CELT continues monitoring this new feature before it is implemented in ISU’s Canvas instance.
  • For more updates, please check out the CELT Instructional Tools News and Updates page on the CELT website.

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