2022 Canvas Updates: Overview (Excluding New Quizzes)

This update will contain all Canvas release and deploy notes for 2022 thus far. These notes will not contain any updates pertaining to New Quizzes. All New Quizzes updates specific to 2022 that have been released through the Canvas release and deploy notes can be found in a separate post. If you’re looking for more information on New Quizzes, you can review the New Quizzes in Canvas webpage. You can view the most recent notes on this page.


The January 15, 2022 release update contained a number of updates.

Feature Updates

  • Course Navigation Menu State: The expended or collapsed state of the Course Navigation Menu persists throughout all Canvas courses.
  • Gradebook – Missing Status Removal: When a grade is entered manually for a missing assignment, the missing status is removed. When an assignment indicates a student’s submission as missing, and a grade is entered manually in the Gradebook, the Missing status is removed. In the Gradebook, the Missing status is indicated as a color. The Grade Detail Tray displays both the status and the color.
  • Modules Link State: When an External URL or an External Tool (LTI) links are added to a module, the Load in New Tab checkbox is not selected by default. However, if the checkbox is selected, the checkbox will remain selected for all additional links added to a module.
  • Rich Content Editor (RCE) – Accessibility Checker Indicator Feature Enforcement: When accessibility issues are detected within the Rich Content Editor, the Editor display an indicator over the Accessibility Checker icon.
  • SpeedGrader – Unposted Comment Warning: This change notifies graders if a comment has been created but not posted.


  • Gradebook – Split Name Columns: The Gradebook View menu can include the option to split student names into two separate column and show first and last names separately. Canvas admins have the option to allow the Gradebook to display split student name columns in Account Settings.


  • Settings – Feature Preview Terminology Adjustment: The Account and Course Settings Feature Preview tabs have been restored to Feature Options.


The February 2 and February 16, 2022 Canvas release and deploy updates included:

Interface Updates

  • Enrollments – Custom Roles Display Names: Custom role names display in various areas across Canvas. At the account level, the User Details link for a user displays the custom role type.
  • People – User Suspension Link Adjustment: The Suspend/Reactive User link has been relocated in the User Details page.
  • Rich Content Editor – Accessibility Checker Color Update: The Accessibility Checker color value has been changed from a warning style to an information style.
  • Calendar – Color Update: This change improves accessibility and aligns with updated contrast standards.

Misc. Updates

  • Mobile Apps – Session Duration Extension: The minimum session duration for mobile application has been changed from 20 minutes to 48 hours.
  • Google LTI – File Menu Selection: The file selection menu has been updated by Google.
  • Course Settings – Discussions Detail Label Update: In Discussions options, the option to let students edit or delete their own discussion posts has been changed to replies.


The March 2, March 16, March 19, and March 30, 2022 release and deploy notes contained the following updates:

Feature Updates and Previews

  • Gradebook – Enhanced GradeBook Filters: When the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview is enabled for a course, instructors can create filters that can be saved or used one time. Instructors can select condition types and conditions to add to the filter. They can also remove conditions, apply the filter, and give a name for future use
  • Rich Content Editor Equation Update: The change provides mobile responsiveness and enhanced user experience across Canvas courses.

Interface Update and Previews

  • Outcomes – Friendly Description Addition to Outcome Import CSV File: When creating outcomes, admins and instructors have the option to create a custom or more friendly description. Friendly descriptions will display for students and observers/parents in the student Learning Mastery Gradebook and other locations in Canvas where Outcomes are visible for these roles.
  • Calendar – Event Title Label: When adding a Calendar event, a label has been added to the title field. In Calendar, create an event and click the More Options button.  The title field includes the Event Title label.
  • Assignments – Bulk Due Date Time Editor: The Bulk Due Date Editor has been updated to include a time field.
  • Gradebook – Gradebook Loading Icon: When the Gradebook is loading, a spinner icon indicates the loading process.


The current deploy and release notes for April 16, 2022 include:

Feature Previews

  • Account and Course Settings: The Assignment Default Due time can be modified in Account Settings and Course Settings. The Assignment Default Due time will not update existing assignments with due dates already set.
  • Gradebook – Apply Score to Ungraded Assignments: This change allows instructors to apply scores to ungraded submissions en masse from an assignment group and Total column menus in the Gradebook.
  • Rich Content Editor – Icon Maker: This change provides instructors the ability to incorporate simple icons for their courses without using an external tool. The Icon Maker allows simple customized iconography to be created directly within the Rich Content Editor.
  • Submission Comments – Emojis in Submission Comments: This change allows instructors and students to convey messages through the use of emojis as visual indicators in addition to written comments. When this feature is enabled, instructors can add emojis to comments in SpeedGrader using the emoji icon available in the comment box. Instructors and students can add emojis in comments added in the context tray from Gradebook.