Canvas Release: Global Navigation Menu, Speedgrader Comment Library (June 19, 2021) 

The changes below will be added to the Canvas environment as part of the June 19, 2021 Canvas Release. 

  • Speedgrader Comment Library: Graders can now save frequently used comments in SpeedGrader for reuse across multiple students and assignments. 
  • Global Navigation Menu and Release Notes: The Canvas Help Menu displays a summary of features available to the user and provides a link where the user can view more details. 

The following feature will be enabled during our Fall 2021 technology updates, currently scheduled for August 16, 2021. 

  • New Discussions: Once the New Discussions feature is enabled, Discussion topics will display an updated design with small usability enhancements to prepare the interface for feature functionality improvements. 

Additional features included in this update but not currently applicable to the ISU environment include: 

  • Item Bank Management: Item banks for New Quizzes can now be shared across multiple courses in either a view-only or edit permission state. 

The LMS Enterprise Team will continue to review these Canvas features as they develop, offering guidance to Instructure to make implementation more feasible at ISU.