Canvas Deploy: Feature Options, Discussions, Participation Dates (May 26, 2021)

The May 26, 2021 Canvas Deploy addresses the following features and bug fixes: 

  • Feature Options Search Filter: The Feature Options page includes a search filter. 
  • Assignments: The Rich Content Editor is no longer collapsed into a placeholder view when it is not being used by the user on a text-entry submission and entries are saved automatically until the text is submitted to prevent content from being lost. Additionally, when a student enters content for an assignment or a classic quiz using the Pretty HTML View, the content is now properly saved for submission.  
  • Discussions: The Discussions toolbar that displays in individual discussions is no longer sticky and remains at the top of the page. The Usage Rights icon button includes a title for screen readers and the links to discussions have visual focus indicators. 
  • Participation Dates and Translation: Canvas code has been updated to include a translation variable and support languages such that the word Participation is translated for all languages. 

The following New Quizzes and Assignment Enhancement features are included in this update but not currently applicable to the ISU environment: 

  • Late Assignments and Matching Due and Until Dates: When a New Quiz has matching Due and Until dates, auto-submitted quiz attempts are no longer marked as late. 
  • Assignment Submission Icons: When Assignment Enhancements are enabled, the submission drop-down menu is replaced with submission type icons directly on the assignment page. 

Visit the May 26, 2021 Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes.