Canvas Release: Learning Mastery Gradebook, File Previews, Submission Reassignments, Course Availability Dates, and Webcam Submissions (March 20, 2021)

In the March 20, 2021 Canvas Release, the changes below are slated to become part of the main Canvas environment.  
  • Learning Mastery Gradebook Student Filters: The Learning Mastery Gradebook includes filters for inactive and concluded enrollments, this feature already exists in the standard Gradebook view.
  • File Preview Enhancements: Files linked in the Rich Content Editor can be previewed in an overlay or inline. 
  • Submission Reassignments: In SpeedGrader, instructors can reassign an assignment with a due date to an individual student and ask them to redo their submission. Additional submissions cannot exceed the maximum number of permissions available for that student.
  • Course Availability Date Enhancements: Course Settings will now include a menu to select whether to use the university-determined Term dates or the instructor-specified Course dates. Instructors may still also specify dates for each specific section via ISU AdminTools; these continue to not display within the course. 
  • Webcam Submissions: In File Upload assignments, students can use their webcam to submit to an assignment. 
Additional features included in this update but not applicable to the ISU environment include: 
  • New Quizzes Modules Support: For institutions who have enabled New Quizzes, Canvas now includes support to build them straight from a module. Read the latest news about the New Quizzes implementation at ISU. 

March 15, 2021
The enhancements to Course Availability Dates will be reviewed for implementation at a later time.