Get Ready for Fall Semester! (Teaching Tip)

Fall semester, beginning August 17th, is right around the corner. As you prepare, CELT has you covered with website resources, programming, and the ISU Course Template. Of great interest:

  • ISU Course Template: Easy to use and to adapt, the ISU Course Template contains the fundamental components for a quality online course. The template is pre-loaded with a homepage, modules, and necessary information of value to you and your students. Instructors such as Professor Stacy Cordery, History, have raved “The savings to me in terms of time, energy, and anxiety are incalculable. I know it’s going to be a great tool for faculty and students, whose lives will surely be made a bit easier with some uniformity and predictability as they try to navigate all their different syllabi (online, in class, and hybrid).” See the ISU Course Template page,
    Register to attend a webinar, Online Course Essentials (ONCE) using the ISU course template,

  • Quick Start Guide: Apply these strategies to help you prioritize and communicate with your students this fall, Quick Start Guide.
  • Teaching with Technology: Whether you are teaching face to face, hybrid, or online, check out the redesigned “teaching with technology” web resources. These resources include everything from the new Canvas @ ISU site, instructional strategies about teaching, including web conferencing (yes, info about Webex and Zoom!) to instructional tool how-tos to ideas for engaging students in the online environment. Review and bookmark the Teaching with Technology page.
  • Programming: Mark your calendars for exciting CELT programming from 30-minute “choose your instructional tool adventures” to hour-long discussions of course design, engaging students, inclusion, accessibility, web conferencing (Webex, Zoom, MS Teams), managing disruptive conduct in learning spaces to semester-long teaching and learning communities, via the Upcoming Events page.

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With a joy for teaching,

Sara Marcketti, Director
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

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