Canvas Deploy: Image Options, Anonymous Peer Reviews, Mastery Path Pages, Accessibility changes (June 23, 2021)

The June 23, 2021 Canvas Deploy addresses the following updates and bug fixes: 

  • Image Options: An image URL can now be updated without having to remove and replace the image 
  • SMS Notifications: The SMS column has been removed from the Notifications page. 
  • Student Annotation Anonymous Peer Review Support: Anonymous peer reviews are supported in student annotation assignments. 
  • Speedgrader and Assignment Submissions: LTI assignment grades for students in active sections but concluded course dates now properly pass back to SpeedGrader. 
  • Assignments Index Page and Mastery Path Pages: Pages allowed in a mastery path no longer display in the Assignments Index Page. 
  • Pretty HTML Editor: Placement of a user’s cursor does not affect the page formatting. 
  • Accessibility: The horizontal separator in the Collaborations Options menu is not treated as a stop for keyboard users; the No Conversations Selected text displays a minimum color contrast of 3:1; the Course Name has been added to the course total and assignment group totals for screen readers; the CSV download button on User Page Views includes more informative context for screen readers; the For All Devices link has been removed from the Ways to Contact page. 

 Visit the June 23, 2021 Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes.