Canvas Release: Student Annotation Assignments and Closed Captioning Setting (May 15, 2021)

The changes below will be added to the Canvas environment as part of the May 15, 2021 Canvas Release. 
  • Student Annotation Submissions: Instructors may now create an assignment with a submission type of Student Annotation. Instructors upload the file to be annotated and students complete the assignment using the annotation tools within DocViewer. 
  • Auto-Show Closed Captioning: Users can enable captions to show by default in all Canvas videos. Captions can be added to a video when uploading a video, or they can be added any time by clicking the video in the Rich Content Editor and accessing the video options sidebar. Note: Videos embedded from third-party tools, such as YouTube, are not supported. Additionally, videos embedded from Canvas Studio videos are not yet supported but will be in a future release. 
Additional features included in this update but not currently applicable to the ISU environment include: 
  • Course Templates: A Canvas course may now be designated as a course template for all new courses created in an account. This new feature does not currently have the permissions granularity needed to work within the ISU organizational structure and impedes the ability of an instructor to make design decisions in their own course.  
  • New Quizzes – Save and Build Buttons: The New Quiz creation page includes both a Save button and a Build button. See CELT’s Update on New Quizzes Implementation for guidance provided by the Change Advisory Board. 
The LMS Enterprise Team will continue to review these Canvas features as they develop, offering guidance to Instructure to make implementation more feasible at ISU.