Webex: User Experience Updates

Webex user experience updates coming September 8, 2020 

On September 8, Cisco Webex will release updates to the Webex Meetings applications for a more intuitive and convenient user experience. Updates include: 

  • Larger buttons with labeled actions such as “Test speaker and microphone” and “User computer audio” in preview screen 
  • A simplified host view, with always-visible command buttons such as “Share,” “Record,” and “Chat” displayed during meetings 
  • Clear commands of “Mute / Unmute” and “Start video / Stop video,” which will replace the current, unlabeled icons 
  • Fly-out menus with more direct and intuitive options 
  • Additional updates targeted for later this year include enhancements to breakout sessions, including the ability to pre-assign sessions, share video content with better quality and use a “whiteboard” feature.  

For more information, please visit the Webex update web page.