End of Semester Checklist (Canvas)

End of Semester Checklist (Canvas)

Ensure each assignment is included (or excluded) from your Gradebook

 In Canvas, check that each of the following is appropriately specified:

  1. Assignments — flagged for inclusion (or exclusion) in gradebook
  2. Discussions — marked as graded or not graded
  3. Quizzes — set as graded or practice quizzes
  4. Any graded item is worth more than 0 points unless it is extra credit.
  5. All graded items are part of the correct assignment group if the final grade is a weighted total.

Specify a method for grade calculation in Canvas

  1. Calculated total. Assignments are weighted equally and a point is a point. This is the default in Canvas and total scores will be calculated automatically.
  2. Weighted total. All graded assignments are organized into assignment groups and a weighted percentage is assigned to each group.

Review the grading scheme and grade distribution in Canvas

Follow the grading scheme guide to specify the cutoff percentages for each letter grade.

Note: these percentages are not rounded. If a B+ is from exactly 87% to anything less than 90%, then a score of 86.9% would result in a B and a score of 90% would result in an A-.

* If you need to further manipulate the grade distribution or use a custom formula to determine the final grade, navigate to your Gradebook to export a CSV file. When you are satisfied with your calculations, import the revised file. See also Key Concepts for Grading in Canvas.

Submit your final grades

From within your Canvas course, choose ISU AdminTools from the course navigation, then choose to Submit Grades. See the ISU AdminTools: Submit Grades technology page for details of each of these steps:

  1. Choose Type of submission.
  2. Choose Sections you wish to submit for.
  3. Choose Assignments to be included in this submission.
  4. Check Gradebook for potential errors.
  5. Verify Grades.

Steps to submit grades

Once finalized, queue grades for transfer to AccessPlus by choosing Save and Submit.

Specify students’ access to course materials

View this article on Course conclusion in Canvas and follow the steps to specify the amount of access your students should maintain.

Note: many courses will automatically conclude during the following semester.

Save your Gradebook for record retention

After grades have been submitted you can save your Gradebook for record retention by exporting from Canvas and saving in CyBox.

Do you have a student needing to resolve an incomplete in your course?

Follow the process on the manage incomplete students in Canvas guide.

Note: The process to provide Canvas access to students working to resolve an incomplete in a course was different for Winter Session 2021. Please review the guide carefully.

Prepare to Teach the next semester

To Prepare to Teach for next semester you can use the Start of Semester Checklist to get an early start.

Need assistance?

  1. For help with the Gradebook, contact Canvas Support via the ?Help menu in Canvas:
    1. live chat with Canvas Support
    2. ticket support — open the ?Help menu in Canvas and click Report a Problem
    3. phone support — 515-294-4000, then follow the prompts for Canvas support
  2. For help with the Submit Grades tool, contact the ISU Solution Center:
    1. Email solution@iastate.edu
    2. Call 515-294-4000 and follow the prompts to receive support from Solution Center staff
  3. For pedagogical assistance, contact the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), via phone 515-294-5357 or email celt-help@iastate.edu. Or contact the unit for your area.