Release and Deploy Updates – November 2021 (Canvas)

This update will contain all Canvas release and deploy notes for November 2021.

Completed Changes

The November 10, 2021 Canvas update included interface updates and changes to the outcomes page. Specifically,

  • Interface updates: For courses with profiles enabled, clicking the profile picture will no longer automatically flag it as inappropriate content.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes can now be added directly to a group.

Upcoming Changes

The November 20, 2021 Canvas release contains information pertaining to Assignments, Dashboard, Settings, and SpeedGrader. Specifically, the following are included in the 11/20 release:

  • Assignments – Submission Feedback Indicator: Students can now see an indicator on the Submission Details page when new comments have been added.
  • Settings – Settings Tabs: Easily navigate between the different tabs with direct links or return to the previously visited tab with the back button.
  • SpeedGrader – Assignment Text Entry Word Count: Instructors can now view the word count of a student’s text-entry submission within the SpeedGrader.

The November 24, 2021 Canvas deploy was postponed to December 1, 2021. More information about this deploy and its contents will be in the December Canvas summary.