Webex: Customized Views, Improved Stage Options, Mobile Enhancements

The Webex 41.4 update from April 8, 2021, included the following enhancements to Webex Meetings:

  • Zoom In and Zoom Out in Grid View: Customize the default grid view through the use of the new zoom in/out slider to control how many videos are seen at any given time.
  • Customize the Stage View: When in the Stack or Side by side view, users can now easily grab a participant from the filmstrip and move them to the stage. Add and remove videos from the stage at any time. Up to four videos can be added to the stage, in addition to the shared content or active speaker.
  • Simplified Layout Options: The Stack or Side by side views are now consistent, regardless of whether content is being shared. Focus view is now obsolete, users should instead use the slider to zoom all the way into only one active speaker. Grid view remains unchanged.
  • Sync my Stage for Everyone: Hosts and Cohosts can now sync their view to become the default stage view for everyone in the meeting.
  • Customized Layouts Attendee Support: Similar to desktop, mobile attendees can now select a preferred default layout (grid view vs focus or active speaker view) for their own meeting. After selecting it, they will be able to switch between different views again at any point within the meeting.
  • iPhone Breakout Room Host Support: Similar to desktop and Android, iOS users will now be able to host and assign breakout sessions directly from their mobile apps on their iPhone devices.

Updates to Webex Events (New) have been delayed until the May 2021 update to Webex 41.5.