Canvas Deploy: Gradebook tooltip, delayed announcements, external apps and assignment scores (April 14, 2021)

The April 14, 2021 Canvas Deploy addresses the following features and bug fixes: 

  • Gradebook: For students, assignments with a manual post policy now display “Instructor has not posted this grade” in the tooltip when applicable.  
  • Delayed Announcements and Safari Browser: Delayed announcements with embedded files which are created in Safari 13.1.2+ now post at the intended time. 
  • External Apps (LTI) and Complete/Incomplete Assignments: Canvas code has been updated to align LTI 1.1 tools with all Canvas grades. Canvas assignments calculate a score above 0 as complete, while LTI 1.1 calculates a score of 1 (100%) as complete. This change aligns both percentage options and provides a passback grade of 0.5 as complete. 

Additional features included in this update but not currently applicable to the ISU environment include: 

  • Participation Date Visibility: Behind-the-scenes code changes in preparation for the April 17 participation menu changes.  
  • Concluded Enrollments and Assignment Enhancements: Closed a loophole whereby enabling Assignment Enhancements allowed concluded students to submit assignments 
  • File Upload Restrictions and Assignment Enhancements: When Assignment Enhancements had been enabled for a course, and file extension restrictions were enabled for an Online assignment, some accepted text-based file extensions resulted in an error. Canvas code has been updated to improve file loading for supported extensions. 

Visit the April 14, 2021 Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes.