Implement online course essentials and guidance for virtual classes summer 2020 (Teaching Tip)

Online Course Essentials (ONCE) is a simple ISU Course Template in Canvas and a straightforward process to assist instructors in including the must-have elements in their online courses. Whether a course is taught entirely online or as a combination of face-to-face lectures with online instructional materials, activities, and assessments, it can benefit from including these essential components. Both the ISU course template and the Plan Your Course Worksheet contain a reference to the following online course essentials:

  • Direct relationship between the course’s learning objectives, assessments, learning activities, instructional materials, and technologies
  • User-friendly, consistent, and accessible course navigation
  • Transparent learner expectations
  • Technical and academic support resources
  • ISU-branded course elements (not a necessary feature, but a nice option)

Built around the Essential 3-point Standards (PDF)  of the  Quality Matters rubric, ONCE gives instructors all the online course essentials. Focus less on the technicalities of creating an online course in Canvas and more on what matters the most – student learning.

To begin, visit the CELT’s Online Course Essentials (ONCE) page.

Host a CELT Online Course Essentials (ONCE) course design virtual workshop. Upon participating in this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Build a Canvas course using ISU Template
  • Recognize the online course essentials
  • Map out the essentials for your online Canvas course
  • Locate CELT online teaching and learning resources

Submit a request via the CELT ONCE Course Design workshop form.

Need assistance? Contact CELT by emailing and including “ISU Template” in the subject line.

Full Teaching Tip

View the published CELT Teaching Tip: Implement online course essentials and guidance for virtual classes summer 2020 (May 14, 2020 – Constant Contact) website.

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