Canvas is Available!

Canvas is available to all of Iowa State today. Blackboard is still available for faculty to use during fall semester 2017, and almost all courses that use a learning management system (LMS) will be taught in Blackboard. However, now is the time to learn Canvas in preparation for all courses being taught in the new LMS this spring semester 2018.

Begin to learn Canvas using the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU website. This is a 24/7 publicly available course.

How-to Log into Canvas

To log into Canvas click the “Sign Ons” link found in the upper right-hand corner (above the search box) of Iowa State’s home page. Then, use the drop down menu and go to “More Sign Ons” to select the Canvas button.

What you will see in Canvas

Once you are logged into Canvas, you will see your dashboard displaying course cards for your current courses; as well as, a “Start Here” course for MyCanvas Teacher at ISU.

If you do not see the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU course (“Start Here”), follow the steps found in Canvas’s How do I view my institution’s Public Course Index as an instructor? website and click the “+Join this course” icon to self-enroll.

If you choose to not log into MyCanvas Teacher at ISU today, you still will have access to the resources at anytime.

We are no longer accepting Early Adopters for Fall 2017.

Canvas Support:

All 24/7 support options may be found by clicking the “Help” button found on the left-hand navigation bar in Canvas. Canvas offers 24/7 support via the following channels:

  • Canvas Support Line (Call 515-294-4000 then press 2, press 1)
  • Live Chat with Canvas Support
  • A web-based Report a Problem Form