Helping Students Manage Traumatic Events

Helping Students Manage Traumatic Events

As members of our Iowa State University community, faculty and staff play a valuable role in supporting our students and our community manage difficult situations. Traumatic situations have a significant impact on the student’s functioning and ability to succeed in the classroom. Students can be impacted by traumatic events, loss (friends/family, other students, or faculty), acts of violence both nationally and locally, or struggle with their own mental health or other life difficulties. As a community of care we provide support for our students through expressing care and helping them connect with the various supports and resources at Iowa State.

Faculty and staff play an important role. You are the eyes and ears of the student experience. Depending on your connection with students, you may be the first person they turn to when experiencing challenges. Review and bookmark the Helping Students Manage Traumatic Events page (Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost).

Essential Resources

Our colleagues in Student Counseling Services and Office of Student Assistance developed the following to help us through these times:

Cyclone Support for Students

Cyclone Support is the go-to resource hub for various student needs, including crisis resources (24/7 support or call 911 in a medical emergency), basic needs, personal finance, academics and learning, mental health, sexual assault resources and prevention, overall well-being, and more. To use this graphic for your PowerPoint, click the image below to open/download the Cyclone Support Graphic from CyBox.

ISU WorkLife for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to use resources from the ISU WorkLife site (Human Resources) for well-being, child care, elder care, health, partner accommodations, financial concerns, and more. 

Webinar: Supporting Student Health and Wellbeing at ISU

Join the first session of an interactive webinar series as we discuss student health and wellbeing at Iowa State University (ISU).

Explore the highlights from ISU’s National College Health Assessment data, the current data from our campus needs assessment process, and spring 2022 focus group findings with Brian Vanderheyden (Director, Student Wellness), Erin Baldwin (Associate Vice President, Health Services), Kristen Clark (University Public Health Coordinator, Student Wellness), and Laura Triplett (Student Wellness).

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the data and ask questions. Future sessions in the series will focus on ISU’s efforts to become a health-promoting university and how we can build the capacity to enhance the wellbeing of students.

If you are a person with a disability, please get in touch with CELT at 515-294-5357 or email to request reasonable accommodations to participate in this event.

Register to attend online via Zoom

It’s OK to Not Be OK

Last week, all faculty and academic advisors received a message about the complexity and intensity of student mental health needs. The following message was shared with students and includes a link to resources. Please consider sharing this information with your students.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? With the pandemic, midterms, and everyday life stressors, your feelings are valid and it’s OK to feel this way. There are campus resources available for mental health, wellbeing, and academic support. You can find more information about services and resources here.