Gradescope makes it easier for instructors to quickly grade assignments and gain additional insights about student learning in any study area, including economics, business, and STEM. Under the Turnitin umbrella, Gradescope’s tools combine our commitment to authenticity with efficient, unbiased, and consistent evaluations for any assignment type, including paper-based problem sets, computer code, and engineering diagrams. 

  • Instructors can build, administer, and grade paper-based, digital, and code assignments in-person or online. 

  • Streamline instructor workflows, increase consistency, and cut grading time in half. 

  • Item-level statistics give instructors immediate and actionable feedback on student progress. 

Getting Started

Instructor Resources

Using Gradescope with Your Canvas Course

Create an Assignment in Canvas

  1. Select the Canvas course. 

  2. Locate Gradescope on your course menu. 
    If Gradescope isn’t listed: Click Settings > Click Navigation > Drag Gradescope into the visible items list > Click Save.

  3. Choose Assignments from the course navigation menu. 

  4. Click +Assignment in the upper right corner. 

  5. Add a Name for the Assignment. 

  6. Enter the number of Points possible. 

  7. Select an Assignment Group 

  8. Choose the Submission Type > External Tool 

    • Click Find 

    • Select Gradescope from the tool list 

    • Click Select

  9. Select the checkbox beside Load This Tool in a New Tab

    • NOTE: Submission Attempts, Anonymous Grading, and Anonymous Instructor Annotations should not be completed 

  10. Complete appropriate fields: Assign To, Due, and Available from/until 

  11. Click Save 

Link Canvas Assignments to Gradescope

  1. Link to Gradescope by selecting Load *Assignment Title* in a new window. 

  2. Sign in if prompted. The first time you create a Gradescope assignment in a Canvas course, you will be asked whether you wish to Link: A New Gradescope Course or An Existing Gradescope Course. 

  3. Click Link Course. 

  4. Choose to Link: A New Gradescope Course or An Existing Gradescope Course. 

  5. Select Link Assignment. 

  6. You are now ready to create Gradescope assignments. 

 View the Gradescope Getting Started Tutorial Videos to begin creating your assignment in Gradescope. 

Gradescope Assignment Types, Multiple Versions, Extend Assignments, and More 

View the Gradescope Assignment Workshop page for additional features such as writing formulas in LaTeX, anonymous grading, AI-assisted grading, and more. 

Confirm Assignment Settings and Publish in Canvas

  1. Return to the Canvas Assignment Details page to confirm assignment settings: Points, Assign To, Availability Dates, and Due Date.  

  2. Publish the assignment.  

Prepare for Next Semester

CELT’s Gradescope Training Course: Duplicating your Gradescope Course 

Create a Copy of your Gradescope Course 

  1. Open the Canvas course from which you wish to copy your Gradescope content 

  2. Select Gradescope from the course navigation menu 

  3. Click Course Settings in the Gradescope course menu 

  4. Select Duplicate Course at the bottom of the page 

  5. Enter the Term Start Date of the course you are copying 

  6. Select the Term, Year, and Term Start Date of the duplicate (new) course 

  7. Click Duplicate 

  8. Edit the new course settings and select Update Course 

Create a New Canvas Course Shell 

  1. Instructions are available on the Start of Semester Checklist 

  2. Begin creating your Gradescope assignments for the semester. 

Create a Canvas Assignment and Link to Gradescope Assignment 

  1. If you imported your Canvas Assignment from a previous term’s Canvas course, you will need to update dates and relink to the appropriate Gradescope Assignment. 

  2. Publish the Canvas assignment when ready. 

Student Resources

Using Gradescope with Your Canvas Course

View Using Gradescope with Canvas as a Student for guidance in accessing Gradescope, submitting assignments, and viewing grades and submissions.

Syllabus Statement Language

This course will use Gradescope, a software assessment tool that provides fast and accurate feedback on your work. You may access and submit (selected) Gradescope assignments through your Canvas course. For more information about using Gradescope in this course, visit the ISU Student Guide to Gradescope. As you become familiar with this tool, give yourself extra time to prepare and submit your Gradescope assignments. Keep a hard copy of your assignment if it requires pen and paper, even if it is successfully submitted online.

Please follow the steps below in case you experience any issues:

  1. Inform your instructor about the problem you are facing.
  2. Request support from Gradescope at While waiting for their response, please review the Gradescope Student Help Center.
  3. If you have not received a resolution within 24 hours, please contact the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at


All students, faculty, and staff members with an Iowa State Net-ID have access at no charge. 


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