QM-Managed Certification

QM-Managed Certification

The official QM-managed review involves a collaboration between the QM-assembled team of three reviewers, the course representative(s) and the CELT QM coordinator.

The QM-assembled team consists of three expert reviewers, one of whom acts as the chair and is a Master Reviewer, one is a subject matter expert and one is external to the institution submitting the course (a single person could play multiple roles. For example, one person could be both the SME and the Master Reviewer All teams still must have the specified number of members, based on the type of review). The chair communicates with the course representative(s) regularly. Once the course application is initiated by the CELT QM coordinator and the course worksheet is submitted by the Course  Representative, the chair schedules a Pre-Review call with the Course Representatives in order to receive answers to the questions the team might have following their reading of the application and course worksheet materials.

The team uses the QM Course Review system to complete independent reviews in which the reviewers inspect the course evidence and decide if each standard is met at 85%. The reviewers might provide helpful recommendations to support their “Met” decisions and are required to provide helpful recommendations if they decide that a standard is not met. If any questions arise at this time, the Chair might contact the Course Representatives. 

At the end of the independent review time, the team conducts a Post-Review call and discusses the review and any standards that are not met. When finished, each reviewer submits the Reviewer Worksheet. The Chair makes the Final Report submission, which displays the reviewers” “Met” or “Not Met” decisions and all recommendations.

Length of the Process

The official QM course review takes 4-6 weeks. A course can receive additional 14 weeks for improvements; when the time is over, the Chair reviews the course and confirms the final decision. A recognized course is featured on the QM website; as well as, CELT’s QM-Certified Courses at Iowa State webpage.

QM Course Certification fees

There is a fee associated with the official QM certification. The CELT QM coordinator provides free services. The QM member fee for course certification is $1000.


Contact CELT via email at celt@iastate.edu or call 515-294-5357.