QM-Certified Courses at Iowa State

QM-Certified Courses at Iowa State

Iowa State University is proud to announce that the following courses are QM-Recognized. Quality MattersTM Recognition via the peer review process means that a course has met rigorous, research-based standards for quality online course design.

Clicking on the QM Banner under the course descriptions will take you to the Quality MattersTM National Database for QM Recognized Courses for that specific course.

Erin Doran, Hg Ed 573, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Student Affairs

Instructor: Erin Doran

Course Number/Name: Hg Ed 573

Date Certified: 2021

Katharine Fulton, ENGL 314, Technical Communication, 2021

Instructor: Katharine Fulton

Course Number/Name: ENGL 314

Date Certified: 2021

Eric Olson, AESHM 365, Event, Hospitality, and Apparel/Retail, 2020

Instructor: Eric Olson

Course Number/Name: AESHM 563

Date Certified: 2020-08-17

David Cantor, SCM 563, Purchasing and Supply Management, 2020

Instructor: David Cantor

Course Number/Name: SCM 563

Date Certified: 2020-07-31

Katharine Fulton, ENGL 302/Business Communication, 2020

Instructor: Katharine Fulton

Co-Instructors: Jenny Aune, Casey White, and Karla Ruden. 

Course Number/Name: ENGL 302/Business Communication

Date Certified: 2020-06-09

Jennifer Shane, CE 501/Preconstruction Project Engineering and Management, 2019

Instructor: Jennifer Shane

Course Number/Name: CE 501/Preconstruction Project Engineering and Management

Date Recognized: 2019-02-27

Jeanna Nation, HDFS 283/Personal and Family Finance, 2016

Instructor: Jeanna Nation

Course Number/Name: HDFS 283/Personal and Family Finance

Course Officially QM-Recognized: 04-04-2016

Gayle Brown, VMPM 378/Case Studies IV: Emerging and Exotic, 2015

Instructor: Gayle Brown

Course Number/Name: VMPM 378/Case Studies IV: Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals/Initial Accreditation Training

Course Officially QM-Recognized: 2015-09-11