Quality Matters (QM) resources you can use any time 

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As an institutional member of Quality Matters, you can access valuable resources to guide your online course design and improve student experiences. Create an account on the MyQM website and check out an impressive list of the following resources: 

  • Accessibility and Usability Resource Site (AURS): Browse this resource and receive reliable information, tips, and tricks on addressing key accessibility and usability concerns in your online courses. 
  • QM Success Stories Webinars: Attend synchronous virtual meetings with experienced instructors who designed and delivered successful online, blended courses. No time for synchronous webinars? Access the QM Success Stories archive on your own terms! 
  • Online Learning Webinars: Join QM experts and quests to discuss various topics related to building success with QM, online learning, and professional growth. 
  • Research Webinars: Explore the latest research on the impact of quality course design on learning. 
  • Bridge to Quality: A QM Online Course Design GuideThis course design guide provide a roadmap for designing courses with the QM Standards in mind.