Top Hat: Virtual Classroom Features

Pink Top Hat graphic showing icons for classroom, textbooks, assignments, and secure exams.

Implementation Date: September 30, 2020.

Virtual classroom features will be enabled in Top Hat to provide additional options for remote delivery:

  • Virtual Classroom Streaming — Recreate the experience of your face-to-face class or lab by sharing your webcam or desktop.
  • Lecture Recordings — Give your students an in-class experience even after the lecture ends.
  • Live Chat & Discussions — The in-app chat window lets students raise their hands to ask questions, communicate with each other and engage with the material via text and emojis.
  • Improved Accessibility — Allow students to dial-in to lecture via phone, offer video replays of your class meetings and provide transcripts of lecture recordings.

For more information, please visit the Top Hat Pro web page.