Grammarly as a teaching and learning tool (Teaching Tip)

The move to online instruction means both instructors and students are going to be doing a lot more writing. We may not always have time to check our work scrupulously before sharing it, but one slip of grammar or spelling can make a bad impression.

Grammarly* can help make the transition to online teaching easier. It provides powerful grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking while integrating seamlessly into many of the places where online instruction is happening, such as Canvas assignments and quizzes, remotely edited collaboration in Google Docs, and email communication via CyMail or Outlook.

In addition to using it to check their own writing, instructors can make Grammarly part of the course assessment. Requiring students to check their writing in Grammarly before submitting assignments or sharing ideas with classmates can make it easier for everyone to focus on the message and avoid any distracting errors that might detract from it.

ISU faculty and students have FREE access to Grammarly Premium via a CASTLE-funded initiative. Set up your account now at the Grammarly Enterprise site using your ISU email address or visit Grammarly at Iowa State University website for more information.

Here is how Grammarly can help you and your students:

1. Use Canvas. Grammarly works within Canvas via browser plugins, see this Grammarly guide.

2. Communicate with your students. Use Grammarly to make sure outgoing email messages composed in Outlook or CyMail are error-free.

3. Deliver course content.

  • In-class assignments: Use Grammarly to check text before it is shared or published in Canvas assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc..
  • Collaboration: Have students use Grammarly when collaborating in Google Docs.
  • Student presentations: Grammarly can be used to check written scripts.

4. Establish methods for collecting assignments/submissions. Instructors can require students to check written work in Grammarly before submitting it and to provide proof of having done so; see the Showing your ISU instructor that you’ve checked your work in Grammarly video tutorial.

5. Exams. Students can check responses to essay questions in Grammarly before submitting them via Canvas Assignments.

With a joy for teaching,

Sara Marcketti, Director
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

*With thanks to Jim Ranalli, Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program. Professor Ranalli received a CELT Miller Faculty Fellowship and led the CASTLE funded Grammarly Initiative.

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