Looking for CELT?

Our 2017-2018 external review encouraged us to consider the possibility of physically bringing all staff into one office location. The move would, “… foster a deeper integration of the tools and technologies within the instructional development offerings of the Center and create opportunities for pedagogical integration of these tools within the classroom design.” As of January 4, 2019 we have done just that. All of our staff, programs, and services may now be found in 3024 Morrill Hall. If you are seeking one of our staff members, view our CELT Staff Directory webpage. CELT Office 3024 Morrill Hall 603 Morrill Road Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011-2100 Phone: 515-294-5357 Email: celt@iastate.edu 3024 Morrill Hall (view map in new window)
CELT moved out of the library