Canvas… Get Started Now.

Arne Hallam: Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Economics Professor, and Canvas Early adopter shares his advice for this edition of the Teaching Tip.

With Blackboard access ending on January 5, 2018, we asked Dr. Arne Hallam, a Canvas early adopter, for his advice on learning the new learning management system in this brief Canvas… Get Started Now YouTube video [1 min 15 seconds].

He stated, “Start working on it because it’s not like you’re just going to turn it on and it works there’s going to be all kinds of things that don’t look the way you want it to look.

Arne then said, “The other thing with that is there the support on campus is very very good. But you have to use it. And what I mean by what I mean by You have to use it you have to call 4-4000 You have to send e-mails or you need to walk over to the Library walk over to CELT because they have people sitting there if you walk over you basically got an individual who is there who’s going to help you do it.”

“I mean who will sit and help you do it. And once you’ve done it two or three times. You sort of pick it up. The other thing is I found the Canvas Guides which are available within Canvas. You go down you click Help Canvas Guides will have training.”

“You can see OK how do the grade book or how to do such and such. But probably more useful as you type in questions and they’ll start to give you other people or other universities pinging back and forth about this and to be blunt Google searches also work out in Google and say you know Canvas blah blah blah. But you just you’ve got to get hands-on and so on.”

Finally, Arne shared, “My biggest concern is that people will think oh this will just take me you know three or four hours before class starts in the spring and that won’t happen. It will take some time but it’s very straightforward. It works really well but that’s the biggest thing is to not postpone.”

You have heard it here first. CELT is here to help. There are resources available. Don’t wait – the time to learn Canvas is now!

Kind Regards,

Sara Marcketti, Interim Director
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

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