Gradescope Bubblesheets Training

Gradescope Provides Compelling Alternatives for Paper-based STEM Assessments and Bubble Sheets

Gradescope is an assignment submission, grading, and analytics platform that leverages AI and a logical workflow that makes grading more efficient and standardized. It is a Canvas integration that synchronizes course rosters and grades. Gradescope accepts scanned handwritten submissions for digital grading.

·     Digitally grade both online and paper-based homework, exams, and other assessments

·     Utilize AI-assisted grading, handwriting recognition, dynamic rubrics, and similar answer grouping to streamline and improve grading efficiency

·     Create on-the-fly grading rubrics and easily apply changes retroactively

·     Give more consistent and timely feedback, resulting in improved learning outcomes

·     Get detailed analytics on an individual and class-wide level

·     Create programming and coding assignments

·     Auto-grade bubble-sheet exams, provide student feedback, and link scores in Canvas


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