Netiquette at ISU

Netiquette at ISU

What is “Netiquette”? Simply put it is “Internet Etiquette” or the conventions of politeness pertaining to the way we use the Internet and interact with others online. To provide a foundation for civility in the online learning environment we promote the following:

Be scholarly

  • Do: Use proper language, grammar, and spelling. Be explanatory. Justify your opinions. Credit the ideas of others; cite and link to scholarly resources.
  • Avoid: Misinforming others when you may not know the answer. If you are guessing about something, clearly state that you do not have all the information.
  • Review: the ISU Catalog Academic Life Policies page

Be respectful

  • Do: Respect privacy. Respect diversity and opinions that differ from your own. Communicate tactfully and base disagreements on scholarly ideas or research evidence.
  • Avoid: Sharing another person’s professional or personal information.
  • Review: the ISU Principles of Community website

Be professional

  • Do: Represent yourself well to create an environment conducive to achieving the institution’s academic mission (e.g., be truthful, accurate, run a final spell check, use a legible font, etc.).
  • Avoid: Using profanity or participating in disruptive conduct.
  • Review: the ISU Student Code of Conduct page.

Be polite

  • Do: Address others by name or appropriate title and be mindful of your tone. Be polite as you would in a face-to-face situation.
  • Avoid: Using sarcasm, being rude, or writing in all capital letters (shouting). People can easily misinterpret written words, as they lack facial expression, body language, and tone of voice to provide communication context.
  • Review: the ISU Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy website.

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