New Quizzes – Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

New Quizzes is a Canvas Learning Tools Interoperability  (LTI) assessment engine that includes feature enhancements, new item types, and workflow improvements over Canvas’ current assessment tool, Classic Quizzes.

All instructors were given access to New Quizzes through Canvas on June 1, 2022. 

Canvas developed New Quizzes to replace the current Quizzes function, Classic Quizzes. At this time, Canvas announced that there is no current sunset date for Classic Quizzes. The ISU transition to New Quizzes is tied to and dependent on Canvas’ timeline and ability to meet their milestone commitments.

New Quizzes was made available to the entire campus community at Iowa State University on June 1, 2022.

Yes, eventually.

At some point Canvas plans to sunset Classic Quizzes, after which Classic Quizzes will no longer be available. However, Canvas does not have a sunset date at this time.

Review the timeline, including demonstrations and training, on the New Quizzes page or the tips for migration to see more information about how best prepare your courses in alignment with the Canvas timeline.

Instructor-Specific FAQ

Support, Feedback, Help (Available to entire campus in June 2022)

Review this Canvas course filled with resources and information tailored for Iowa State instructors, including training materials. You can also review the New Quizzes webpage for the timeline, which includes additional training opportunities. 

Canvas-built Resource

  1. Canvas has created a detailed Instructor Guide to the components of New Quizzes.
  2. The Canvas Training Services Portal includes a 53 minute tutorial on using New Quizzes. To access the tutorial:
  3. Via the Canvas Global Menu select ?Help
  4. Click Training Services Portal and authorize to login
  5. Search: New Quizzes
  6. Scroll to Higher Ed Courses
  7. Select New Quizzes Training

The OTC is preparing its centers to offer quizzes that utilize the new technology. Should you wish to utilize the OTC for students to complete a quiz using New Quizzes, please email

Yes. Phase 1 of Canvas’ sunset timeline indicates that a migration tool will be made available at least 6 months prior to the enforcement of Phase 2. Currently, the bulk migration tool is in development. However, it is still possible to migrate individual quizzes, question groups, and question banks using the following procedure.

Review the 10 Things to Help You Migrate to New Quizzes for instructions on how to migrate efficiently.

Review the Instructor Resources on the New Quizzes web page for instructions on how to add a random selection of questions from an Item Bank.

Distractors are answer choices that do not belong to, and should not be assigned to, any of the available categories. If you choose to use distractors, consider including instructions indicating that there are extra answers and not all answers will be used.
  1. Open the original quiz or Question Bank.
  2. In a second tab, open the appropriate quiz (or Item Bank) within the New Quizzes course.
  3. If the question is associated with an Item Bank, you will be prompted to edit the question with the Item Bank; click Edit in Bank.
  4. Edit the formula using one of the following options:
    1. Copy and Paste from the Original Question
      1. Open the original question location.
      2. Click on the formula image.
      3. Select Image Options, and the right sidebar will display.
      4. The Alt Text box contains the LaTeX code. Copy everything after “Latex:.”
      5. Within New Quizzes open Mathquill
      6. Paste copied code in the Mathquill box, and the formatted formula will display. Verify for accuracy.
      7. Click Done to close Mathquill.
      8. The RCE will now display the LaTeX code with delimiters “\(” and “\)”.
    2. Type LaTex Code Directly
      1. Add the delimiters “”and “\)” (or “$” if you want your expression centered on its own line) to the LaTeX.
  5. Click Done to view the formatted formula (as students will view it).
  6. Delete the image of the formula that was created with migration.
  7. Click Done.
  8. The quiz question with the formatted formula is now displayed in the quiz build.
Review this Canvas guide for providing an accommodated time on a single quiz. You can also review this Canvas guide for providing extended time on all quizzes in a course. The Instructor Resources on the New Quizzes web page also provides step-by-step instructions on extended time for both a single quiz and all course quizzes settings. Note: It is not possible to extend a student’s time while the student is logged in and actively completing the quiz.
The Instructor Resources on the New Quizzes web page also provides step-by-step instructions on enabling LockDown Browser. Note: If you will require LockDown Browser for a quiz/exam in your course, it is important that you create a practice quiz (0 points). This will provide students with the opportunity to download any LockDown software that is required as well as experience the LockDown Browser platform.

Student-Specific FAQ

Review this guide from Canvas and that shows all of the different question types in New Quizzes.

Review this guide developed by Canvas that provides instructions on how students can take quizzes through the Student app on an iOS device.

This guide developed by Canvas provides instructions on how students can take quizzes through the Student app on an Android device.