MySurveys (Class Climate)

Class Climate helps to assess student learning and teacher effectiveness. Iowa State University uses Class Climate to conduct the end-of-semester student ratings of teaching surveys.  

  • Develop a single survey for mobile and online delivery. 
  • All results are stored in a single database, so you see unified results at a glance. 
  • Scheduled reports provide instructor feedback rapidly and automatically. 

Getting Started

Student ratings of teaching surveys are administered by one of these departmental contacts. The departmental contact will create the survey and distribute it to students electronically. Once the semester has ended, the departmental contact will share the results of the surveys with the instructor(s) of record.

Instructor Resources

Using Class Climate with Your Canvas Course

Adding the Class Climate link to your Canvas course makes it easy for students to locate their surveys. To add the Class Climate link to your course, follow the steps in these guides:

  • Login into Canvas and open the course.
  • Follow the steps in the ‘How do I manage Course Navigation links?‘ guide to enable the link for the My Surveys.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the My Surveys link to access the survey’s dashboard.
    • Note: The survey dashboard is only available to actual students and instructors; it does not work with Student Preview. If you see your class listed on the dashboard, your students will be able to see it also. If a course is missing from the dashboard, contact your Student Ratings of Teaching Administrator for assistance.

Checking the Overall Response Rate to a Course Survey

To see the overall response rate to your course survey, click the My Surveys link in your Canvas course. See the instructions above to enable this link.

Obtaining a Participation List

Contact the departmental administrator for a report of specific students who have completed the survey. Note: If the response rate is too low, it may not be possible to provide this list as it would compromise students’ anonymity.

Syllabus Statement

Add the statement below to your syllabus, updating the yellow text with the actual dates for your class. Consult your Departmental Coordinator for these dates.

This course will use the ISU Online Student Ratings of Teaching System for end-of-semester feedback. Surveys will be available from [start date] to [end date]. Your anonymous comments will be used to guide future improvements of the course and are an important component in delivering quality courses at ISU. Consider these tips for providing constructive feedback. At the appropriate time, you will be emailed a link to the survey from You can also access the survey through the My Surveys link in our Canvas course.


Student Resources

Class Climate with Your Canvas Course 

Your surveys can be accessed through the My Surveys link in your Canvas course or the link in the invitation email.