QM Consultation with CELT

QM Consultations

Schedule a QM consultation with CELT by emailing celt@iastate.edu or calling 515-294-5357. CELT staff can:

  1. Explain how to apply the QM rubric to course design.
  2. Introduce how to initiate the informal course self-review process, and discuss the QM recommendations.
  3. Describe how to develop and implement an improvement plan for an existing or new course.
  4. Explain the official QM course review process, along with the cost, extensive effort, and benefits upon certification.
  5. Guide you through the official QM review course certification.
  6. Host QM workshops with your department or college that the CELT QM Coordinator is certified to teach.
  7. Provide advice about QM professional development.
  8. Discuss QM research and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) opportunities. 
  9. Explore course quality assurance, online teaching, learning, and all things QM! 

You are not under any obligation to pursue the certification of your online or blended course upon meeting with the CELT QM Coordinator.