Webinar: Create an Inclusive Learning Environment

Attend Online via Zoom
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Explore ways to create a welcoming learning environment (no matter the course modality), brainstorm what we can do to build an inclusive environment, share campus resources and programs, and extend your learning about teaching inclusively.


Webinar: Rewriting, Reclaiming, and Reorienting in Digital Spaces


Iowa State University's Writing and Communication Consultations and Academic Success Center – in partnership with ISU’s American Indian Studies Program, Game2Work, ISU Green Dot, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Wellness – is hosting a panel event on Language and Communication Justice.  Featured artists and designers include, Ashlee Bird, Joseph Erb, and Casey Koyczan. ...Continue reading "Webinar: Rewriting, Reclaiming, and Reorienting in Digital Spaces"

Canceled Seminar: Team-Based Learning (TBL) Teaching and Learning Community

2030 Morrill Hall 603 Morrill Rd, Ames, IA

This topic-based teaching and learning community meets throughout the academic year. We work as teams to optimize application exercises, readiness assurance tests, peer evaluation, and other aspects of course design, and also invite speakers to facilitate discussions of Team-Based Learning theory, research and classroom application. Facilitators: Jane Rongerude, Michael Dorneich, Amber Bellville, and Meghan Gillette.