Reflecting on what I hope for my students…

Amy Popillion, Senior Lecturer, Human Development & Human Sciences at Iowa State University, and Facilitator for CELT’s Team-Based Learning Faculty/Staff Learning Community shared this reflection with us before students arrived on campus yesterday,

“Spent some quiet time at the back of my fall classroom reflecting on what I hope for my students. I reflected on hopes for learning, kindness, building community, persevering through difficult dialogues with each other, for a-ha moments to happen, for inspiration and knowledge that will guide their professional decisions and personal growth. I took time to notice each and every chair. I envisioned the student who will sit there, wishing for them the best experience in my class and most of all a place where they feel welcomed, included, challenged, and supported. (Note: we will turn on the lights for a more “enlightened” experience 💡😊).”

Post on Facebook from Amy Popillion, Senior Lecturer, HDFS, Iowa State University