What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters written in blue over a capital Q and M written in red with gold lines outlining the top and bottom of the QM

Quality Matters (QM), a non-profit faculty-driven course assurance organization, provides instructors with tools and processes to continuously improve their online and blended courses through a rigorous review process organized around a research-based rubric of QM Course Design Standards. In addition to the course review and the rubric, QM offers online and on-site professional development opportunities for instructors and instructional designers concerned with student-centered teaching and learning and online and blended course quality.

QM-certified courses are recognized nationally and internationally as meeting QM Course Design Standards and promoting learning experiences which are supported by the critical course components working together: well-planned learning objectives (Standards 2.1, 2.2), assessment (3.1), instructional materials (Standard 4.1), learning activities (Standard 5.1,) and course technology (Standard 6.1). The concept of alignment refers to the synergy of critical course components supporting learner achievement of the planned learning objectives.

To learn more, view the QM Quality Matters Overview Presentation YouTube video (below).