CyThx at Iowa State University

To celebrate and promote effective teaching, advising and mentoring, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) partnered with ISU Learning Communities, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Government to initiate #CyThx at Iowa State University.

We encouraged Cyclones to share with us, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?” In 2018, we received 337 #CyThx submissions from 100 departments/units that represent all colleges, divisions, and units.

The valued members of the ISU community received a #CyThx email along with an optional message and recognition on this #CyThx website. In addition, campus leadership (VPs, Deans, chairs, etc.) were notified of who received a #CyThx.

The following are #CyThx from 2018. Many more were submitted, but the thankers asked to not have the information published. We look forward to celebrating #CyThx again next November.

#CyThx: Someone feels valued at ISU because of the following people

Pat Halbur, VDPAM

Great leadership, nice vision, and outstanding mentorship. I am glad to have the opportunity to be on his team.

Jonathan Wickert, SVPP

Provost Wickert, thank you for supporting me and all of ISU Theatre! We are so incredibly grateful!

Julia Dominguez, Spanish

Senora Dominguez is hands down the best Spanish professor at Iowa State. She fosters learning and growth in everything she teaches, and

Baishali Bhatia , Psychology

She is always willing help, regardless of how much schoolwork and other obligations she has. She works hard and inspires me to

Robert Hessling, Psychology

CyThx 1. “Professor Hessling is the BEST psych teacher. He makes psych 280 so interesting and full of life and fun. You

Sunde Nesbit, Psychology

I would like to give a special thanks to Sunde Nesbit for being such an outstanding professor. She is passionate about what

Julio Rivas, Psychology

Julio is a great instructor in 422L, who has encouraged me to see myself in a better light. As a non-traditional student,

Kristin Towers, Psychology

Kristin makes me feel like a valued member of Iowa State by always being ready to help me with various things such

Gary Wells, Psychology

CyThx 1. “GARY WELLS IS AN ICON! CyThx 2. “Most iconic psych teacher ever. I learned so much in his class!!!” CyThx

Joseph Kupfer, Philosophy

Joseph Kupfer makes me feel like a valued member of the ISU community be being extremely attentive and helpful with any academic

Mia Massa, Physics & Astronomy

As Vice President at oSTEM, she is always careful to ask everyone’s opinions and listen thoughtfully as they explain their reasoning before

Craig Ogilvie, Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Ogilvie has been instrumental in making this University function – particularly focusing on graduate and professional students. He is the first

Jonathan Sharp, Music

Dr. Sharp, you have helped to push me and inspire me to become the musician and creative mind that I am now.

Don Simonson, Music

Thank you for supporting me and empowering me! I appreciate your mentorship and your friendship!

Mike Rentz, NREM

For being my unofficial mentor throughout these last two years of my college life and making me feel welcome here at ISU’s

Rebekah Reynolds, NREM

She is always supportive and encouraging of those around her! She is someone who genuinely cares about everyone she meets and is

Jane Breen, Mathematics

She always makes learning fun and I enjoy being in the learning environment that she makes. She is always patient and willing

Steve Butler, Mathematics

He works incredibly hard and he does it in a way where other people think that there is no work or pressure

Dane Mayhook, Mathematics

He’s the bomb. Teaches math like a pro. I have never learned so much or gain such passion for math from any

Mary Meis, Kinesiology

Mary is nicest person I’ve ever met! She is warm and inviting to anyone she meets and when she’s in the room

Bridget Concannon, MIS

Bridget always goes out of her way to show her appreciation for our executive team. She has been such a great mentor

Christian Carichner, Music

Mr. Carichner spends countless hours committed to making the Iowa State Marching Band the best it can be. The marching band spends

Michael Golemo, Music

Doc, you have listened to me intently in multiple situations where I felt like my voice was not heard elsewhere, even in

Tim Florer, Management

Professor Florer is the only professor who would always say hi and ask how I’m doing if he ever sees me in

Janice Baker, Kinesiology

Janice, Thank you so much for teaching Dance 140 this semester. This was a class completely outside my domain, but I have

Holly Lipsey, Kinesiology

Holly and I have a mutually respectful working relationship. I believe she values what I do and also sees and acknowledges the

Jacob Meyer, Kinesiology

Dr. Meyer has been a great resource for me as an undergraduate student in Kinesiology. He is always available to answer my

Maria Perez, Kinesiology

I love working in the Wellbeing and Exercise Lab with Maria – she is a ray of sunshine and is always so

Diana Cochran, Horticulture

Dr. Cochran goes above and beyond to assist students in the department with academic and research questions even though she is incredibly

Pete Lawlor, Horticulture

Pete never says “no” when you ask for his help. He takes incredible care of the greenhouse facilities and the building equipment.

Jenny Gibbs, Kinesiology

CyThx 1. “As my advisor, Ms. Gibbs has made me feel important when I thought no one else did. I had a

Matt Obbink, Industrial Design

Always has something positive (or funny) to say during studio and critiques. Super helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve grown as a designer and

John Levis , English

Very supportive professor that is a good person above everything and shows respect to everyone. He makes me feel like a valued

Karla Ruden, English

When I had originally received the email about the #CyThx campaign happening on campus, I sort of used it as a tool

Junyan Shen, Finance

Professor Shen has hundreds of students over his sections of finance lectures, and he has taken the time to get to know

Craig Mitchell, FPM

I am thankful for Craig every day that I come to work at ISU. He is an outstanding and skilled employee who

Maggie LaWare, English

Maggie is a fantastic major professor and I am thankful I get to work with her! She is caring and empathetic and

Andrea Quam, Graphic Design

CyThx 1. “Andrea makes every member of the class feel valued through her genuine concern for our growth, not only as graphic

Nicole Bever, Dietetics

She just does. But seriously, Nicole makes not only me feel like a valued member of the ISU community but a bunch

Christian Boessen, Economics

Dr. Boessen genuinely cares about his students! He remembers names, majors, and the things you are interested in. He will always take

Gulbahar Beckett, English

Very helpful, always supporting students and leading them to success. She cares about students and gives valuable advice. Following her guidance, I

Tera Lawson, CTLT

CyThx 1. “Tera and I became “buddies” for many projects and journeys. Her joyful, positive, and visionary ways of thinking and seeing

Brianna Burke, English

Professor Burke has a way of making you think critically. In life, it can sometimes be intimidating to ask questions about culture

Volker Hegelheimer, English

Professor Hegelheimer is a valued mentor not only to me, but also to many other students in the Applied Linguistics program. He

Tim Kochem, English

Very supportive, always there to help. I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to have such an amazing class-project partner

Amy Ward, CELT

Amy works exceptionally hard to ensure ISU Faculty, staff, and students are empowered with the tools that they need to succeed at

Shu-Hui Chang, Computer Science

Although I took the web development course online, Dr. Chang made me feel valued by frequently sending out helpful resources, making sure

Holly Bender, CELT

Holly is an excellent mentor and champion of faculty innovation on campus. She is always excited to support new ideas and share

Laura Bestler, CELT

CyThx 1. “It is a joy to come to work every day and have the opportunity to work with Laura Bestler. Laura

Don Beitz, Animal Science

Every time I go to see Dr. Beitz, even if it’s just for a quick schedule-related question, he makes sure to ask

Marlys Carlson, CELT

Marlys cares very deeply about the CELT staff and ensures that they are all taken care of. She is most appreciated!

Karen Couves, CELT

Karen has a kind word for every person who enters the CELT space. No matter how difficult the challenge she handles it

Lesya Hassall, CELT

Lesya has been a very encouraging and positive person that has shown empathy and care. She sees value in me and encourages

Andrew Lenssen, Agronomy

A big thank you goes out to Dr. Lenssen. He does a great job mentoring grad students and undergrads and also takes

Michael Bootsma, Accounting

Mr. Bootsma brings a new definition to teaching. His enthusiasm is contagious and almost had me deciding to pursue law…something I have

Betsabe Mantilla, Agronomy

Gracias querida Betsa por todo tu apoyo y ayuda en este tiempo que hemos crecida juntas en graduate school. Tengo un gran

Liz Harris, AESHM

Liz always makes me feel special and not just like another student. She makes it her priority to create a real, lasting

Elena Karpova, AESHM

Dr. Karpova designs high quality learning experiences. Her classes are difficult and challenging but push students to have the knowledge they need

Kelly Reddy-Best , AESHM

Dr. Reddy-Best teaches over 400 students a semester. She explores difficult topics, such as sexuality and race in ways that broaden perspectives

Joan Su, AESHM

Professor Su teaches us Chinese words during class to help us be prepared for the global world. She cares deeply about students

Ken Tsai, AESHM

Professor Tsai is a very caring individual who makes students feel welcome to Iowa State

Ben Chamberlain , AGEDS

Ben has always been so helpful! Even though I’m not his advisee, he is always willing to help out and help me

Mike Retallick, AGEDS

Very encouraging to me and helpful when I have questions ranging from simple things to lifetime goals.

Lee Burras, Agronomy

He is an extraordinary professor and mentor. His wisdom and outlook were refreshing and something I always looked forward to in his