Welcome to CELT.

The Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching was established in 1993. Over the ensuing 20+ years the center has evolved in important ways including a name change, a significant expansion of staff and as a result a significant increase in reach across campus. Throughout all of this we have focused on our mission to support, promote, and enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning at ISU.

CELT provides resources for faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs interested in teaching. We offer face-to-face one-off workshops, longer-term teaching and learning circles on selected topics, and facilitation of faculty driven learning communities. We have also developed a rich set of online resources that support CELT’s mission and current initiatives available on our website.  

Our programs are designed to support faculty across the arc of their professional career. To achieve this some programs are designed to assist new faculty members to establish their teaching program and focus on teaching effectiveness. Other programs assist faculty in designing or refining a course to implement a different teaching approach. And yet other programs help faculty transform the scholarly teaching they are doing in their course into scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) research projects.

Through all of our work we collaborate with on-campus resources including faculty with expertise in various topics, college instructional support units, and other centrally supported units such as the Dean of Students Office, Multicultural Student Affairs Office and the Academic Success Center. We work to leverage existing resources and help faculty make these important connections across campus.

In November 2014 CELT went through another significant evolution with the launching of the CELT’s 281 Parks Library location encompass all areas of online and blended learning, including new online course development, blended/hybrid courses, and innovative course designs and teaching methods.

I am proud of CELT’s accomplishments and excited about the future. Our staff continues to work collaboratively with partners across campus providing leadership, support, and connecting potential collaborators.

Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Past Director
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Professor of Horticulture